lady gaga american idol alejandro 'American Idol': Lady Gaga's full, unedited 'Alejandro' performanceWe were in the house when Lady Gaga taped her performance of “Alejandro” for the May 5 “American Idol” results show and while we found it weird, we didn’t find it overly salacious or shocking. Imagine our surprise when not the entire thing was broadcast during the show.

There was roughly 1:15 cut off the original performance. It stays the same for the first 3:30 or so, but then cuts out a portion of Lady Gaga dancing on the ground that isn’t actually salacious or booty-flashing. The next two cuts are an extra turn of the chorus that features very little dancing and the piano break, so perhaps those cuts was just trimmed for time and not because Lady Gaga was being inappropriate.

The only cut that might have been based on Lady Gaga baring her gravity-defying booty is the very last cut, which lops off some of the last chorus but also a shot of Gaga walking back to her giant metal angel for the final tableau. That one might have been censored just a touch for family-friendly viewing.

What do you think? Something to get worked up about, or mostly just cuts because “Idol” can’t come in under time no matter how hard little Seacrest works at it? Compare the two performances and let us know what you think.

UPDATE: Lady Gaga tweeted Thursday morning, May 6, “ here’s my
full american idol performance ALEJANDRO. Fox chopped up my performance
in 4 places. Real version on itunes.” She doesn’t seem mad about, though, just stating a fact.

SECOND UPDATE: Perhaps Gaga is more annoyed than we initially thought, as she has now tweeted, “ FOX POORLY + AMATEURLY edited+cut my performance/musical arrangement on idol. Watch real version.”

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