idol alaina top24 'American Idol': Lauren Alaina takes on Miley Cyrus' 'The Climb'

Well, having the mentor completely bash the song’s original artist probably won’t help any contestant secure votes.

Lauren Alaina
performing Miley Cyrus“The Climb” on “American Idol” seemed like the perfect match… until it actually happened.

Don’t get us wrong, we think Lauren did a fine job with the song, but did she really do anything different or improve it any way? Not really.

In her pre-performance package, we were immediately put off when Jimmy Iovine tells her, “You are a much stronger singer than Miley Cyrus.” We’re assuming a lot of Cyrus’ fanbase watches “Idol” so it’s probably not smart to piss them off before the girl even sings. Luckily, Lauren seemed uncomfortable with Iovine saying that. “I was like, ‘No, don’t talk like that!'” Iovine went on to annoy us even further by telling her to use the song to steal last week’s eliminated contestant Pia Toscano’s fans. WHAT?! There’s giving advice and then there’s being a jerk, you know?

After her performance, the judges showered Lauren with praise, especially Steven Tyler who told her he thinks she’s The Idol. Well, we think he did. It’s hard to understand what he’s actually saying most of the time. Jennifer Lopez said, “I loved hearing you sing that. You don’t need to steal anyone’s votes. You’re getting plenty on your own.” Randy Jackson called her performance “amazing.”

What did you think of Lauren’s cover of Miley’s “The Climb”?

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