When Zap2it arrived on the scene at the sound stage to hang with the “American Idol” Top 10 on a break from their tour rehearsals, we heard someone chanting, “Lakers, Lakers, Lakers!” from around the corner. Who was it? Only “Idol’s” biggest Lakers fan, Andrew Garcia.

His buddy Lee DeWyze had the chance to sing at Game 2 of the Lakers-Celtics NBA style. “I was a little bit under the weather, to be honest, because after everything I kind of got sick, and I was in New York going back and forth. But it was cool,” he says.

“That was tight,” Garcia says, ever the supportive friend. “It went good. I was watching.”

“I had fun, you know? It was cool. Look, I’m like standing fifty feet
away from Kobe Bryant singing the National Anthem in a full arena,” he said. We figured that singing at the Finals would be easy after the stress of the “American Idol” finale. “No, it’s pretty scary. It’s pretty damn scary.”

DeWyze and Garcia are excited to head out on tour with the rest of the “American Idol” Top 10. Their first stop is Auburn Hills, Michigan, on July 1.

Don’t miss the video to find out who made the guys the most star-struck. The answer may surprise you.

If you wanna join the summer jam with your favorite Season 9 Idols then check out the full concert schedule for “American Idols Live Tour” here and purchase tickets at Live Nation.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie