lee dewyze finale interview 'American Idol' Lee DeWyze: Crystal Bowersox 'is amazing and I love her to death'Zap2it has part two of the Lee DeWyze interview after he was crowned the winner of “American Idol” Season 9 — check out part I here.

In part II, Lee talks about his plans going forward, his entire “Idol” journey and his good wishes for fellow finalist Crystal Bowersox.

When asked if he was surprised at the outcome, Lee says, “You audition with the intention of winning. If you don’t think you can win then there’s no reason to go audition. You
have to believe in yourself. You question yourself throughout this competition because you’re literally putting yourself on a platform to be
judged in front of millions of people. So once you can get over the
feeling of self-doubt, that’s the biggest part of this whole process …
finding yourself and being okay with what you’re doing.”

“There were points in the competition where I said, ‘Oh man, I wish I would’ve done that better,'” Lee continues. “But I learned that once something’s done, it’s done. The best you can do is go to the next step and try to do better.”

Where does Lee see himself in ten years? “Still making music. That’s what this is about for me. This isn’t about I want to be the next big thing and then be gone. I want to do this for a long time.”

So what did Simon Cowell say to him after he won? “Be happy with what you’e done and be proud of yourself because you deserve it … He’s a good guy. He’s honest and he says what he really thinks and I appreciate that about him.”

When asked if it will be weird for him not to have shows on Tuesday and Wednesday nights now, Lee cracks, “I’m going to hate Wednesdays for the rest of my life. I’m going to wake up on Wednesdays and go, ‘Ugh, it’s judgment day.’ No, it’s gonna be cool. I’m looking forward to wahtever is the next step.”

And finally, what about his finale partner Crystal Bowersox, “As far as Crystal goes, she is amazing and I love her to death. I wish the best for her and I think that she’s going to be successful. I know she supports me in what I’m doing. It’s been good for everybody. I’m just trying to take it all in right now.”  

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Photo and video credit: Andrea Reiher, Zap2it

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