lambert gi idol 'American Idol' Live: Adam Lambert and James Durbin, the next great bromance?Well, it finally happened. 

Remember this date, “American Idol” fans: Thursday, Mar. 10. It was the day that former contestant Adam Lambert and current contestant James Durbin came face-to-face, proving once and for all that they are not the same person.

The two singers have been compared to each other quite a bit since Durbin’s first audition thanks to their similar voices, style and “screams.” Lambert tweeted about the comparisons last week, saying, “While we both have a rock scream, I think we’re pretty different stylistically.”
We spoke with Durbin at the Top 13 party, where he also addressed the comparisons. “I’m my own person. He’s his own person. We’re completely different stylistically. He tweeted about me after my performance, I really appreciate it,” he says. “But as far as comparisons, I’m James Durbin. All I’m going to be is James Durbin. I’ve never tried to be someone else. I’m never going to be somebody else.”
So what happened when these two idols met in person? Oh, just the beginning of a new bromance. No big deal.

durbin maybe 'American Idol' Live: Adam Lambert and James Durbin, the next great bromance?

After Lambert’s performance, Randy Jackson came on stage to give him a hug and chat for a little bit before Lambert paid a visit to the couch de la contestants. He hugged all of the contestants, but spent the most time with, you guessed it, Durbin, who looked really excited to talk with Lambert. We didn’t catch the whole conversation, but we did hear Lambert tell Durbin he thought he was “amazing” last night. We concur, Glambert!
Durbin also asked Lambert to take a picture with him and later executive producer Nigel Lythgoe came on stage to take a picture of the two rockers together with his cell phone. After the taping, Durbin tweeted Lambert, saying, “It was a pleasure meeting you tonight man. Thanks for the kind words. He’ll Yeah I Will!:-)”
So what else was going on behind the scenes that you didn’t see besides the next great “Idol” bromance? 
Jacob Lusk had one super-energetic fan in the front row who was given a poster with his name on it. Jacob was so moved by the woman’s support he tried to get off the stage to hug her, but security wouldn’t let him. Instead, Jacob signed her poster and wrote about two paragraphs on it.
-Which contestants were the most popular with the females in the audience? Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone. McDonald even had one famous admirer in the audience: Nikki Reed. Yes, the actress from “Twilight” who we saw tell him she loved him in the premiere footage and he didn’t know who she was. He sure does now.
-Other famous people in attendance? “The Talk” star and Jennifer Lopez’s BFF Leah Remini, “Red Riding Hood” star Amanda Seyfried (who chatted with Lauren Alaina quite a bit after the show finished taping) and…. Julie Zorrilla. Yes, she who was eliminated from the Top 24 last week was in attendance tonight and ran up to say hi to the judges really quick.
-After learning she was safe, Karen Rodriguez ran to her best friend in the competition Jacob, hugged him and then sat on his lap. All together now: Aw!
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