scotty live idol 'American Idol' Live: Meet Scotty McCreery's three blondesIt’s official: The girls loves “American Idol’s” Scotty McCreery. Correction: They really, really love him.

Zap2it was on the scene at the Top 5 taping and talked to three of Scotty’s biggest fans. Or at least their mother. Turns out, Scotty’s back-up singers for his first performance, “Gone,” are actually huge fans of the country crooner.

The blonde back-up singers are sister group Destinee & Paris, who used to be part of the girl group Clique Girlz. Destinee and Paris are signed to Interscope Records and were chosen by the show’s producers and Jimmy Iovine to provide back-up vocals. The sisters, 15 and 16, sang back-up on Haley Reinhart’s “Rolling In The Deep” a few weeks back.

Destinee & Paris’ mother was seated next to us during the show and told us that the girls think Scotty is “so cute.” After the performance, she was sure a lot of the girls watching were going to be jealous of the blonde sisters who shared some screen-time with “Idol’s” resident Country boy. We wouldn’t be shocked.

scotty desiree 'American Idol' Live: Meet Scotty McCreery's three blondesAnother one of Scotty’s blonde fans? A 20 year-old UCLA college student who was chosen by producers to stand with Scotty before a commercial break. After meeting the country crooner, the girl told us Scotty was “cute but shy.” She says, “I said ‘Good luck!’ and he just said, ‘Uh, thanks!'” In a completely surprising twist, she thought Scotty was the best of the night.

Need more behind-the-scenes Scotty intel?

— When Scotty was sitting in the audience before his performance, a man tapped him on the shoulder and told him he was doing a great job this season. Scotty shook his hand and said, “Thanks, man!”

— While still waiting to start his performance,  Scotty decided to amp up the crowd early, telling the sections near him, “Get up for me, y’all!” Guess what? They got up!

— While watching clips of their performances back at the end of the show, Scotty bust out laughing when the jumbo-screen showed him jumping from the stage. When the clip of his second performance came up, Scotty pointed out that his ear piece wire was sticking out and said, “Oh, man!”

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