victoria beckham american i 'American Idol': Mark Labriola, Tori Kelly and Nicci Nix in Denver“American Idol” goes to the mile-high city and finds a slew of cute female singers.

After reminding us that Chris Daughtry was found in Denver, we dive right in to the auditions. Lady V is back, but she isn’t “re-joining” the Idol crew. She did Denver before Boston, actually.

Up first tonight is Mark Labriola who says he gets compared to Jack Black or “the ugliest guy in Hollywood.” That’s debatable, there are plenty of guys uglier than Jack Black. Plus Mark looks more like Chris Sligh than Jack Black, in my opinion. There’s a whole big rigmarole about Mark’s family life, but whatever.

Mark sings “Tempted” and his voice is higher-pitched than I was expecting. He also has some bum notes as he jumps from key to key. He gets four yes votes, though. I’m not wowed. “Tempted” isn’t THAT hard. Hmmm.

Mario “The Giggler” Galvan and Simon keeps imitating Mario’s giggle, sending the other judges into giggling fits. It’s pretty funny. Mario proceeds to sing-talk his way through “Jailhouse Rock” and then giggles his way out the door.

Montage of Profanity. I can’t believe people get so mad about being rejected. Lordy.

Up now is Kimberly Kerbow with “The Way I Am.” She’s super-cute and has an adorable 5 year-old girl, though she has on a bad wig. I wonder if she has hair? I don’t love her on this song because it’s not showing off her voice enough, but she can obviously sing. Who does she look like? She reminds me of somebody famous. Hmmm. She’s through unanimously but as soon as she’s gone, the judges talk about her wig. So I wasn’t imagining that! Good to know.

Danelle Hayes is a crunchy granola cutie girl with a 3 year-old son. Two in a row, huh. She starts crying during her audition because of how hard she’s worked to pursue music. She seems really sweet. She sings “I’m the Only One” and she’s got a great Janis Joplin thing going on but with better tone when she pulls it back. The judges are totally smitten with her and she’s through.

Now Casey James, a motorcycle accident survivor, sings a country song I don’t know and I’m not loving it. Simon and Randy are with me, but Kara and Victoria are totally for Casey. They love his look but don’t talk about his singing, they just want him to get half-naked. Wow, what is going on? I’m really not that in love with him, I wonder if we’ll see much more of Casey?

Sixteen year-old Tori Kelly is up now and she’s SO cute. Man, between Kimberly, Danielle and Tori we have some cuties tonight. Tori’s little friend Hope brings pictures for the judges. Awww. Tori sings “Gravity” and has a beautiful little voice. We don’t get to hear her really rip it up, but she’s obviously great. Simon says she was annoying, which I didn’t hear, but the other judges love her and put her through.

Austin Paul kicks off the second day of Denver auditions. He plays for football for Colorado and writes music. He also thinks he’s way cuter than he is. He sings “Bigger than My Body” and I am not impressed. Maybe it’s just my ears but I don’t like his tone at all, regardless of his smarmy attitude. He doesn’t get through and Kara advises him to be less confident. Simon wants to punch him in his toothy grin, you can tell.

Up now is bubbly Kenny Everett with “Be Without You.” It’s a shame Mary J. wasn’t judging Denver so they could have a sing-off. Anyway, it was terrible. He sings one line and then just makes noise at us for 30 seconds. NEXT! Except Kenny won’t leave, so Lady V throws him a bone by telling him it was a good song choice. Awww.

Over a Bad Montage we hear Katharine McPhee’s “Had It All,” which is one of my favorite songs off her album “Unbroken.” You should check it out, it’s good. I particularly like her cover of “Brand New Key.”

Nicci Nix is up now. She’s from Italy? No, she’s living in Italy, but she has a weird accent and a tiny little voice. She sings “Something Kind of Ooh” and I don’t like her voice. It’s… there’s not a lot of THERE there. Simon calls her a “funny little thing, ” which is totally true. She gets through unanimously, but I just don’t see it. Hmm.

The sob story du jour is Haeley Vaughn, who was born two months premature and then lost her dad. Yeah, yeah, move it along. Everybody has a sob story. Also, born in 1993? Jeezus, that makes me feel old. Haley gets 100x more interesting to me when she says she wants to be the first black country-pop artist. She sings “Last Name” and it’s alright but you can tell her voice isn’t big enough for a song like that. But she’s good enough to go to Hollywood, I guess.

We now relive Bikini Girl (ugh, why are we doing this?) as a segue to Ty Hemmerling, aka “Bikini Boy.” He sings us out. Yikes.

In all, 26 Denverites made it to Hollywood.

Tomorrow: The Et Cetera audition episode

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