flashforward cast 320 'American Idol' messes with 'FlashForward's' return, Suspect Zero to be revealedDuring a set visit on Friday (Jan. 8), “FlashForward” executive producers David S. Goyer and Jessika Borsiczky fielded questions from the press about ABC’s complicated freshman drama.

Turns out that instead of Thursday, March 4, “FlashForward” will return to ABC’s schedule on March 18 instead. You can thank that pesky “American Idol” over on FOX for the delay.

To make up for the two-week postponement, the show will have a two-hour midseason premiere and a two-hour finale as well. As to how this will affect the very important date of “April 29” to the show’s story arc, Goyer says, “We don’t know. That may be one of the casualties of ‘American Idol.'”

However, fans can look forward to a fun recap show that will air a few weeks before the premiere and that will include new material to reward loyal viewers, especially a “bomb” that will be end the recap special.

When it comes back on the 18th, it will return in a big way with an answer to the question “Who is Suspect Zero?”

As for “FlashForward’s” chances for a second season, the producers say that they just pitched their ideas for Season Two to ABC and that the meeting went “well.”

Oh, and, yes, the kangaroo will be back.

— Reporting by Hanh Nguyen

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