michael lynche pb j 'American Idol': Michael Lynche is new Vote for the Worst contestantVote For the Worst couldn’t keep Screamin’ Siobhan around on “American Idol,” which is unfortunate, so they are forced to choose another Idol. They’ve backed Michael Lynche.

The site seems to think it’s a foregone conclusion that Big Mike is the next to go but they think they should try to keep him anyway. We aren’t so sure he’s next.

Yes, Big Mike was in the Bottom 3 this week, but so was Casey James. And Aaron Kelly has had a couple turns in the Bottom 3 as well. Really, Crystal and Lee are probably the only safe bets moving forward.

VFTW says of their decision on Michael Lynche, “So now that we’re in the top 5, the VFTW pick has come down to Michael
Lynche and Aaron Kelly. The choice went back and forth, but after some
thought, it’s obvious who we should help save: Michael. He’s arrogant,
he’s cheesy, and he’s only around because he’s riding a wave of sympathy
from almost being eliminated. Most people would’ve loved to have seen
home go home in 9th place like he was supposed to, so if he even lasts
one more week, fans won’t be too happy. People seem to really hate this
guy, which just means he’s perfect to plaster up on our site. The hate
for Aaron isn’t even half as big, so that’s no fun just yet. And whereas
Aaron is trying to improve, Mike just does the same thing every week
without listening to the judges at all.”

Wow, we had no idea there was such brutal Michael Lynche hatred out there, but we do agree with their assessment that Michael does the same thing every week. We just don’t see it as quite the same faux pas as VFTW does — Crystal does the same thing every week too, she just does it much, much better than Big Mike.

What do you guys think?

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