michelle delamor haeley vaughn 'American Idol': Michelle Delamor, Haeley Vaughn on staying in L.A., working for DisneyMichelle Delamor and Haeley Vaughn saw their “American Idol” careers end Thursday, March 4. Find out what they thought of the journey.

Michelle Delamor

On her polished stage presence:
I think it’s just because I’ve been singing on stage since I was about five years old. Mostly at church, though … just practicing on stage at church. And doing gigs, I do a lot of gigs back home.

On Kara rescinding the comments about her “Arms Wide Open”:
It was a little bit disappointing but knowing myself, I’m really a perfectionist and I know that I didn’t do my best. I know Wednesday was not close to my best performance. I understood where she was coming from. I was disappointed she had those things to say, but I couldn’t’ say that she was wrong for it because it wasn’t my best performance. When she actually said that it was my best performance ever, I was really shocked because I didn’t feel that that was my best performance at all. When she took it back, I wasn’t too surprised.

On her Creed song choice:
I really did question it. As a matter of fact, I think part of what messed me up a little bit is I questioned it before I got on that stage. When you’re not sure of the song you’re performing, it’s going to be noticed. People can feel that. I definitely would’ve done my next song, I would’ve reversed it. I wanted to do “Come Together” by the Beatles but Michael Jackson style. I thought it would be so much fun to perform that for everyone.

On her lack of screen time:
I saw that they didn’t really show me too much, but I figured they know what they’re doing. I don’t really have like a story-story, I kind of have a normal lifestyle back at home, not so much tragedy. I don’t think that makes for good TV, so I understood.

On moving forward after “Idol”:
I’m actually staying in L.A. I’m going to try to make something big out
of this … I’m so grateful and so blessed. You guys will see me on the Grammys sometime soon, I promise!

Haeley Vaughn

On her nerves performing for “American Idol”:

The first week was really tough, we were all super nervous … just freaking out, trying to pick the right songs. Nerves are always going to play a huge factor in what we do on the show. I think the nerves kind of settled down in week two but they were definitely still there, for me anyway. I think as the weeks went on, my nerves would’ve kind of gone away because I would’ve gotten more use to it. But they’ll always be there.

Did she think there was conflicting advice from the judges?

No, not really. I thought the judges had really good comments and feedback to give me and I’ll definitely learn from it and work on the stuff they told me to work on.

On Kara’s advice that her voice needed to mature:
I kind of agreed with her. I think that more experience and more time working on my vocals would be good. Experience is always better, especially since I’m only 16 and this is the only big thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never performed in front of millions of people, I’ve never even performed in front of 100!

On what she wants to do moving forward:
I’m definitely going to keep working on my career. I’m going to keep singing and hopefully doors will open up for me. I’m a really big fan of Disney and the Disney channel, so hopefully there’s something there I can work on … if I was given a chance to work with Disney, I would love it. Miley Cyrus is one of my … oh my gosh, I love her … My favorite show is “Hannah Montana” just because I love Miley Cyrus so much. That’s a really big inspiration for me. Being on Disney would be awesome.

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