nathaniel 'American Idol': Nathaniel Jones is NOT a hippie

Well, this was a fun one.

Civil War reenactor Nathaniel Jones provided one of Milwaukee’s quirkier auditions on “American Idol” on Wednesday, Jan. 26.

For some reason, Jones felt the need to defend his dad’s hippie-esque looks during his interview before his audition. “People would come up to me and ask ‘is your dad a hippie? Your dad looks like a hippie. He looks like he smokes pot? Does your dad smoke pot?’ No, he’s not a hippie. Hippies believe in sex!” Well, thanks for the clarification, Nathaniel! Mind you, this was after attacking host Ryan Seacrest with a fake rifle.

Jones decided to sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” from Disney’s  “The Lion King” and the judges’ reactions were as baffling as his singing, well, mostly Steven Tyler’s.  After Jones finished, Tyler said, “Outstanding. Maybe not for ‘American Idol,’ but I liked the song. I liked it a lot.” Randy Jackson just laughed while Jennifer Lopez issued a curt “No.”

Because the judges’ faces were so memorable during his audition, we decided to take screen-grab their reactions:

Steven Tyler: A mixture of fear and rapture

scared 'American Idol': Nathaniel Jones is NOT a hippie

Jennifer Lopez: “What the….”

jlo shocked 'American Idol': Nathaniel Jones is NOT a hippie

Randy Jackson: Hysterical laughter

randy laughing 'American Idol': Nathaniel Jones is NOT a hippie

Video to come soon…

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