new idol judges  'American Idol': New promos featuring new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer LopezGet ready, “American Idol” fans, because the new season is just around the corner and Fox has finally decided to release promos featuring new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, along with Randy Jackson, the sole returning judge.

Both promos (courtesy of E! Online) start off with “Everyone deserves a chance,” which seems to have just as much meaning for the “Idol” newbies, Tyler and Lopez, as it does for the contestants.

While the judges don’t really say much, we do get to hear the three say a synchronized “yes” to a particularly talented contestant. We do, however, get a lot of Tyler and Lopez bobbing their heads along as contestants vie for that ticket to Hollywood. We will say Lopez looks very pretty at the table, with perfect hair and makeup (we expect nothing less from J.Lo). Also, is it just us or are they using the same hairstylist? Their highlights match perfectly.

Our favorite thing about the new footage is that they focus strictly on the talented performers. It’s always fun to watch the bad singers who think they are good (What up, William Hung!), but we prefer seeing the people who actually have a chance to win. It is a singing competition, after all.

Take a look:

The new season of “Idol” premieres Jan. 19 on FOX.

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