american idol top 10 perform nicki minaj late fox 'American Idol': Nicki Minaj gets stuck in traffic, misses the show's beginning

The traffic in Los Angeles is legendary and now it has claimed another victim — Nicki Minaj got stuck in that traffic on the way to the Wednesday (March 13) “American Idol” taping. As a result, only three of the four judges were present for the beginning of the performances.

We first found out what was up when Ryan Seacrest pointed out an absence at the judges’ table. Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson were all present, but Nicki’s seat was conspicuously empty.

At least it didn’t remain a mystery for too long. Seacrest was still behind the table when he pointed out that Minaj was stuck in traffic and would be in the studio as soon as possible. There was some confusion as to whether the traffic jam was on federal highway 101 or on Interstate 405. Not that it matters — both highways are notoriously bad in the hours surrounding rush hour in Los Angeles.

If you’re sitting there thinking, “Shouldn’t Nicki Minaj be able to allow for traffic conditions?” don’t get too cocky. Even people who have lived in LA for years can judge their driving times wrong. The whole thing is that unpredictable and insane.

It’s not like Nicki was gone for too much of the show. While she did miss the first performance (by Curtis Finch, Jr.), Seacrest was able to announce her impending arrival just before the first commercial break.

And she was there for the second performance (by Janelle Arthur). Minaj may have been there in a hood and wearing giant sunglasses, but at least she was there.

Posted by:Laurel Brown