howard stern getty 'American Idol': Parents Television Council wants to keep 'Idol' safe from Howard SternFor the record, The Parents Television Council is strongly against Howard Stern joining the “American Idol” judges panel.

Last fall the PTC made headlines because it waged war on the “Gossip Girl” (most boring) threesome (in the world).

This spring the PTC is taking on the juggernaut that is “American Idol,” in response to rumors that Howard Stern is being considered for Simon Cowell’s soon-to-be vacant judges’ seat.

The petition reads:

    WHEREAS  American Idol has come to be trusted by America’s Families as reliable, family-friendly entertainment.

    WHEREAS Howard Stern is one of the most profane, sexually-explicit and anti-family performers in the history of the broadcast medium; and in discussing the possibility of becoming a judge on American Idol on his radio program gave audiences a preview of what he would bring to the table as a judge, talking about getting “little boys hard.”

    AND WHEREAS bringing Howard Stern on American Idol, either as guest or judge would immediately render the program unsuitable for family audiences.

    BE IT KNOWN that if the reports about Mr. Stern prove to be true, we will no longer watch the program; we will share our concern with our friends, family and others in our social circle; and we will contact every sponsor and urge them to consider whether they should associate their corporate image with a man who talks about “getting little boys hard.”  And if Stern says anything that we feel is in violation of broadcast decency laws, we will take immediate action by filing complaints with the Federal Communications Commission against our local Fox affiliate.  We ask you to immediately repudiate these rumors and commit publicly to keeping American Idol safe for family viewing.

Apparently, the PTC does not read Richard Rushfield’s writing about “Idol.” If they did, they would know that the rumors are not true. Furthermore, Zap2it felt that Stern’s off-color “Idol” comments were more to stir up publicity for Stern than they were serious confirmations of the rumors.

And while FOX has no comment regarding either the Howard Stern rumors or the PTC petition, an “Idol” insider tells Zap2it, “Nobody’s been offered a job. We’re a week into season nine and the process to find a replacement has just begun. It’s going to be a very thorough process.”

Plus, Wednesday (Feb. 10) morning, “Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi was quick to dispel the rumors as well.

Rest easy, PTC. And gear up for the next battle, like the lesbian relationship on “90210” or the outfits Johnny Weir might sport during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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