phillip phillips top 5 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips admits 'I should've been in the bottom'Even on Phillip Phillips‘ worst week, the “American Idol” finalist has never finished in the bottom of the pack. The Season 11 frontrunner admits to Zap2it that he’s been surprised by his winning streak too.

“I [try to] forget about how I’ve never been in the bottom, because I
mean I know I should’ve been and it at least two or three times and it
hasn’t happened,” he tells Zap2it. “I know a lot of people will go by past
performances as well [when they’re voting], but a couple of times at least I should’ve
been in the bottom — but I feel so blessed that I haven’t been.”

Phillips says he just tries to take the competition week by week. Right now, he’s hoping to make it to the Top 3 so he gets to go on one of the coveted hometown visits. “That would be amazing, if I get to go home and see my family and friends. Hopefully I do, but like I said, it’s a new week. Votes

So, what will he be singing this week? The two themes are “songs you wish you wrote” and California Dreamin’, both of which Phillips found challenging. “It was very tough, but I feel like I got the right one. A bunch of artists came to mind [for the first pick]. I listened to a lot of them and I feel like I’ve got one I’m excited for. Choosing the California song was pretty tough. We only had a certain amount of songs, so I was like ‘ahhh,’ but I feel like I’ve got the right one.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley