american idol finale phil jessica 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez say 'win or lose, we both won'At this point in the “American Idol” competition, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez seem excited for the whole thing to end. When the two finalists are ushered backstage to talk with press after the first part of the Season 11 finale, they seem tired and keep talking about how happy they are to have gotten so far in the game. That’s probably partially true, but considering it’s now been almost an entire year since they first auditioned for “Idol,” they’re also probably grateful the whole thing’s ending soon.

Sure, it’s partially humility talking when Phillips insists he doesn’t care that the judges picked Sanchez to win two out of the three rounds of the performance show — “whatever happens, happens; we are two completely different artists,” he says — or when Sanchez insists being a Top 2 finisher is an honor in and of itself — “We’re just trying to have fun right now. It’s the finale. We’re top 2. Win or lose, we both won,” she says.

But at a certain point, the cute answers — Phillips says “probably all three of Jessica’s” were his favorite performances of the night — seem more like an automatic response than a legitimately off-the-cuff remark.

Sanchez admits that she’s pretty exhausted. “We had a lot of stuff on our shoulders. Tomorrow is the last episode of the season,” she says. “Sure, we will be on tour together but this competition has been really tiring.”

At this point, though, there’s nothing more they can do. They’ve worked hard all season, and it’s been a pleasure to watch such talented singers take the stage. The voting’s over — all we can do is wait to see who’s finally crowned the Season 11 winner at the Nokia Theater on Wednesday, May 23.

Who do you think will win? Who do you think should win?

Posted by:Jean Bentley