phillip phillips health tour 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips needs surgery but will be back in time for tourAny regular “American Idol” viewer knows that Top 4 finalist Phillip Phillips has been suffering from kidney problems all throughout Season 11 — the occasional reminder from Ryan Seacrest or Jimmy Iovine keeps it in our minds too — and the 21-year-old singer says that it’s true, he will have to undergo surgery after the finale. Despite the long recovery period, though, he says he’ll be back in good health in time for tour.

For now, Phillips is taking things day by day. “[My energy level] was actually really good today,” he tells Zap2it after the Top 4 performance show. “The past couple of days were kind of so-so, but today was actually pretty good and I was scared to wake up this morning to see what was going to happen.”

Once the finale and the ensuing press bonanza are complete, Phillips says he’ll finally go under the knife. “Yes, it’s probably going to go down. It’s a pretty good size surgery and a lot of time down but you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Don’t fret though — he says he’ll be back at 100 percent for the tour. “Yes, I should be. And I bet I’ll be all ever the Internet now soon.”

Look at him, predicting the future!

Posted by:Jean Bentley