phillip phillips top 5 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips says his girlfriend is proud of his successA few weeks ago on “American Idol,” Jimmy Iovine said that Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon were splitting the teen girl vote. Now that Dixon’s out, that leaves Phillips as the resident heartthrob left — but after discussing his girlfriend with Ryan Seacrest on the Top 5 performance show, will the girls stop voting?

“It doesn’t matter, man,” Phillips tells Zap2it of fans seeing his girlfriend in the audience. “If it does, then they weren’t really liking the music. I’m trying to get the music out there. I’m not trying to be some boy that tries to look good or anything. I want the music to speak first.”

It’s the right attitude to take, although you can’t discount the built-in voting power of a cute guy with a guitar — they’ve won won “Idol” for the past four years in a row.

Still, Phillips was happy to talk about his lady and all the support she’s given him. “She’s really proud of me for getting out there and pursuing my dream and everything,” he says. “She supports me all the way”

All together now: Awwwww!

Posted by:Jean Bentley