Tonight, we find out which two contestants will be kicked off American Idol in the show's first ever double elimination. This post will update continuously throughout the episode, so follow along by hitting refresh every now and then. We'll also find out what the big news regarding the judges' input into eliminations. Ten bucks says we'll all hate the new plan.

So yesterday was Thriller night, and true to the name, half the contestants were alive while the other half were full-on zombies (complete with freaky yellow eyes). It seemed to be the battle of the rockers last night. Adam, Allison, and Alexis ruled the roost. Everyone else: meh. Let's get this double elimination over with, shall we?

Ryan tells us nearly 33 million little girls cast their votes. I guess that's supposed to be good at this stage. We have a Kanye/Kelly showdown later tonight, so let's see who makes the audience squeal at a higher pitch. Probably Kelly.

Ryan addresses the twist right away. He brings up Michael Johns, J-Hud, and Daughtry. There was uproar when the left, mostly because America forgot to vote for them. Up until the Top 5, the judges can save one contestant from elimination, just once. It has to be unanimous and can only be used the one time. Um, so it's like the immunity idol? Simon seems to think it's fair. Uh, yeah, because he loves to control the universe.

Then they roll video of the kids' new crib. It's straight outta Top Model, with everyone grabbing their beds and "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing." A bowling alley? In this economy? Was the Hilton not good enough? From what I remember, the contestants haven't lived with each other since Season Two. This should be… interesting. Are hookups imminent?

Oh goody! It's a Jackson 5 medley. Complete with choreography. If I were more cynical, I'd type out all the giggles. But I'm not. At least not yet. Danny, please don't get jiggy wit it ever again. That was not pleasant.

Back from the break and Ryan promises drama. Well, with enough lighting and somber music anything's possible. We get a recap of last night, you know, just in case you have short-term memory problems. Ryan lovingly pointed out that some of the performances sucked (namely Jasmine, Anoop and Megan), and I'm forced to agree with him. He points at Adam and Danny as having the best performances. I don't hear many people disagreeing.

Apparently the kids are working hard, learning dancing moves, rehearsing, etc. Soak it up, kids. Oh no, it's the first Ford music video. Queen? Really? The video basically shows a car driving around Los Angeles with the constants images projected onto buildings. "We Will Rock You" has never driven so smoothly… and on cruise control!

Results time! Michael Sarver stands up first. America has kept him safe. That's predictable. Up next is Allison, our resident rocker. She's safe, too. Jasmine Murray is up. Get ready for tears! He brings her to the center of the stage. Ruh-roh. Matt Giraud is asked to stand, but he immediately tries to join Jasmine. Foreboding? Not quite. He's safe.

Next is Kris Allen and Megan Corkrey. *crosses my fingers that Megan goes to the stage* YES! Megan joins Jasmine in the pit of despair. One of them is safe. The person going home is… Jasmine. Blast it to all hell.

Jasmine could be on her way out… unless the judges save her. They won't, but you never know. I always thought it was cruel and unusual punishment to make them sing right after their hopes and dreams are crushed. Except in Megan's case, I will relish that song. Back to Jaz, the judges have decided that she's headed back to middle America. And I was right… she cried. We get a tear-inducing look at Jaz's journey set to a Carrie Underwood tune.

Oh, Kanye West. You're here to perform "Heartless," but I can't stop shaking my head at you. He totally stole Peter Frampton's idea. And you're wearing sunglasses and a jean jacket. How totally early '90s of you. The little girls in the audience seem to be enjoying it well enough, but hey, they probably don't get out much. It probably took eight years of negotiations to get Kanye to even come on this show. I love it when singers sink to their knees at the end of the song. It shows their emotion… or the fact that they've been watching way too many Whitesnake videos.

More results! Next up on the chopping block is Scott MacIntyre. Scott… is safe. Alexis Grace is next. She had all sorts of 'tude last night, and apparently America loves 'tude. She's safe. Danny Gokey stands up and the girls go crazy. He's safe. Duh. Next is Anoop. He didn't do well last night, but he's probably safe. But, Ryan loves the dramz and he's sent to center stage. Adam Lambert is up. I think we all know that he's safe. We can't even hear Ryan over all the conniptions. He's safe.

Jorge Nunez and Lil Rounds are left. As predicted, Jorge joins Anoop in the pit of despair. So it's down to two good-looking guys. What a shame. The person going home won't be revealed until after Kelly Clarkson sings. Of course.

Speak of the sexy devil, Kelly Clarkson is here! She's the original, best, hottest, sexiest American Idol ever. If only Christmas came early and I woke up to find her and/or Carrie in my bed. Anyway, she's here to pimp her album which came out yesterday. Mental note to download the album, rock out to it in my car, and completely deny it to my friends. And she's single! My heart's all atwitter. "My Life Would Suck Without You" is a nice rock/pop anthem. Totally moshable. Seriously, though, how do these kids think they can live up to her vocals? The only one who comes close is Adam… but no cigar. And the judges all give her a standing ovation!

It's the Moment of Truth. America has decided that Jorge is going home. Well, that is unless the judges save him. Which they won't. So it's essentially bye-bye to Jorge. Let's all watch his dreams crumble as he sings a Jackson 5 song that nobody's ever heard of. Poor Jorge. He was good people. It's a shame he has to go and Megan is still standing. (Seriously, what was with the "caws" last night? That was redonkulous.) Simon gets straight to the point… they're not saving him.

Next week is another milestone for Idol. It'll be narrowed down to 10 contestants for the tour. So, America, who do you NOT want to see on the tour? Michael? Kris? Megan?

Posted by:Brandon Millman