ryan seacrest getty idol 'American Idol' results live: Ryan Seacrest says, 'Joel McHale walks my dog'Zap2it’s weekly “Dispatches from Inside the ‘Idol’ Dome” brings
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Did you know Ryan Seacrest moonlights as a stand-up comic? While taping an “Idol Gives Back” promo, Seacrest was zinging off the one-liners left and right. What else happened behind-the-scenes?

The screaming hoards

  • There was nary a crowd reaction when Andrew Garcia was sent home. We all saw that one coming, right?
  • We hope the sound guys pumped up the applause for the broadcast during Brooke White and Justin Gaston because the audience wasn’t, um, overly enthusiastic. You would’ve thought they were asleep until…
  • Adam Lambert took the stage. The audience was louder for Glambert then they were for Justin Bieber and that is saying something.

Speaking of Glambert…

  • We aren’t sure if this came across on TV, but the lasers and the fog effect was awesome. The fog looked alive, like the Smoke Monster on “Lost” except this one was white. So clearly “Lost” has an evil Smoke Monster but the good Smoke Monster lives at “American Idol.”
  • After Glambert was done, Cory the Warm-up Host quipped, “Now next week all the Idols are gonna want lasers. ‘Whataya Want From Me?’ Lasers.”

Elimination Station

  • When Tim was sent back to safety, leaving Katie and Big Mike on center stage, not a single Idol congratulated him or clapped him on the back or hugged him or anything. We aren’t drawing conclusions, but it was weird.
  • The audience was much more upset when Katie got eliminated than Andrew. In fact, several people around us very loudly said that it should’ve been Aaron Kelly.
  • Katie looked incredibly upset at being sent home. After the cameras cut away, she held Crystal, Casey and Lee each for several long hugs.

Ryan Seacrest’s Night at the Apollo

  • Here’s the good stuff. Following the show, Ryan Seacrest had to tape his side of a sketch for “Idol Gives Back” wherein he “talks” to Jonah Hill and Russell Brand, who are at a celebrity phone bank. It’s a semi-humorous skit that goes on several minutes longer than necessary.
  • BUT! It took forever to set up the promo, so Ryan entertained us with quips and answering questions from audience members.
  • He broke in to a falsetto, screaming “Whataya Want From Me” several times.
  • Upon being asked about his relationship with Simon, he said, “Sometimes Simon gets a little pissy, but that’s old age. It’s like having a much older brother.”
  • When asked if he has a girlfriend, Ryan deadpanned, “I do date girls. I walk it right up to ‘The Talk’ and then I back away.” He also joked about only having time for 7-minute dates.
  • He was asked about his height and said, “I’m 6’9, but on TV I look shorter.” He then confessed to being 5’8 and denied wearing lifts, but insinuated that Simon Cowell does.
  • A woman asked him about his cologne and Seacrest joked, “I wear really cheap cologne called Drakkar– [laughs] I smell like that and Scope.”
  • When asked about “The Soup,” Seacrest said, “Yeah, I fired Joel McHale last week. No, I love Joel McHale. [laughs] Actually, Joel McHale walks my dog.”
  • Seacrest also joked about Debbie the Stage Manager being his wife. She promptly replied, “That would last about 2 seconds” and Seacrest responded, “Uh, what would?” (Wait for it, you’ll get there).
  • During the sketch, Octomom is one of the “celebrities” and Russell Brand keeps calling her children “octos.” Off-camera, Seacrest said, “Try not to sleep with Octomom, Russell.”
  • And finally, when asked about Justin Bieber, Seacrest confessed, “I love Justin Bieber. I’m a Biebette.” He then broke into “Whataya Want From Me.” Again.

It was a fairly uneventful results show in the studio, but Ryan Seacrest’s post-show comedy is perhaps the best thing that’s ever happened to us in attending the live tapings.

Check back here later for some surprise news on an “Idol” musical guest we got to watch record their session for a future show!

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