results show. Have Megan's warbles worn out their welcome? Perhaps. I'm still rooting for Scott to be sent off. And more evilness with the Judges' Save. Because that is comedy GOLD, Jerry.

Just a quick glance at the Top 9 shows me that Kris Allen borrowed his wife's t-shirt for tonight's show and Megan may be dressed like a milkmaid. Interesting.

There is some stupid judges filler and the only interesting thing that happens is that Simon says that Anoop, Matt, and Megan should be worried. Hmmm.

Creepiest Ford Video ever. There are sliding panels of different Idols' tops, middles and bottoms of their faces as they sing "Mixed Up." It's like one of the weird-ass backyard challenges on "Big Brother." Super creepy.

Group Sing. YES! YES YES YES! "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. Allison and Kris kick us off with solos as Scott and his poofy hair play the keyboard. Kris and Allison do great together and Ricky Minor gets a kick-ass guitar solo. When Scott, Megan and Matt G take over the lip syncing, it's… less convincing. I mean, their pre-recorded tracks all sound great but some are definitely better lip syncers than others. Allison is particularly good at moving her body in such a way that matches her vocal intonations. At the end, Adam gets the big Steve Perry solo and it's rockin'. I can't pinpoint why that's different than when he shrieks, but it just is. Man, I would love to hear Adam sing "Sherry" or "Separate Ways." That would be amazing.

Video filler of a "typical Idol week." Ugh. Boo hoo interviews boo hoo don't know what day it is boo hoo paparazzi shouting at you boo hoo fame and attention boo hoo personal chef. My heart bleeds, ya know? The Idols take turns doing each other. And by "doing," I mean impressions. It's actually very funny and everybody seems to really like each other. Awesome.

Ryan has to throw some poop on the party with the Bottom 3. Also, Top 9 is typically where we have 3 groups of 3. Sweet.  First group is Megan, Kris and Matt. Second group is Adam, Lil and Allison. Third group is Scott, Danny and Anoop. Hmmm. Tricky, Seacrest. Tricky. The only group I think is safe for sure is the middle group.

David Cook is on hand to perform his newest single, "Come Back to Me." It's nice.  More subdued than I was expecting, but I like it. The song doesn't blow me away, but it's very commercial in that Third Eye Blindy, Matchbox 20-y way. Two blonde chippies present David with a plaque for his platinum debut album. Very nice.

We start with the first group and now I smell a one-from-each-group Bottom 3. Kris is safe, Matt is safe, then Megan is in the Bottom 3. Shocker. She comments in re: Simon's comments, "I love you Simon but I didn't really care." Haha, awesome! She then birdwalks her way over to the stools. Megan is so weird!

From the middle group, Lil is safe, Adam is safe and Allison is in the Bottom 3. That stinks, Allison is arguably the best singer in the competition. From group three, Danny is safe. Seacrest then asks the judges who is safe and Randy says Scott is safe. Hmmm. And of course, that's what happens.

This sucks, Scott should be going home. I really, really don't want to see Allison leave, so I'm not going to cry much over Anoop or Megan if it means Allison is safe.

Filler with Lady Gaga. I know I'm a horribly unhip person but who the eff is Lady friggin' Gaga? "Poker Face?" I hardly know 'er face! HEY-O! She is like a midget Phyllis Diller dressed as Columbia. She's Nightmare Fuel. Good god in heaven. When she's done, Megan claps like a lunatic and I am hardly surprised.

Allison is sent to the couches as safe, phew! Then Anoop is safe and Megan is going home. The judges will never use their precious save on her, so now she's just singing us out. Actually, the judges go so far as to say that they won't save Megan, so she just jams out to her song, which seems very appropriate for Megan.

Next week: "Year You Were Born" songs

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