Keep hitting refresh here for all your "American Idol" results tonight! First off, I would like to thank Brandon and Carrie for their awesome recaps of last week's results show and this week's performances. The joy of air travel kept me from doing either show live. Did you know an airline can just arbitrarily cancel flights? Neither did I. Oh well! Carrie and Brandon were spectacular subs.

I've gotten to watch last night's performances and here is a quick rundown of what I thought. Michael: I love the song but what a mess to choose for a show like this. Allison: rocked it, fabulous. Kris: beautiful vocals, but boring as crap. Lil: song was too big for her. Adam: I completely agree with "indulgent rubbish." Also, he was trying to sex me through the camera. I needed an adult after watching that. Scott: boring and, unlike Kris, not great vocals. Alexis: I like the softer side of Alexis. Danny: Bold choice. Verses were rough, but the chorus was good. Anoop: very, very good job. Megan: a few enunciation quirks but I liked her take on it. Matt: Overall very strong, but bad last note. Bad. Who do I think will go home? Well, either Michael or Scott should go home. Will they? Only time will tell.

Seacrest tries to scare us by telling us the results "may" shock us. Hmmm. I'm too excited about Carrie Underwood performing with Randy Travis and Brad Paisley performing to be distracted by shocking results. I heart Carrie, Randy and Brad and I am not ashamed. Though my dad does a version of "Forever and Ever, Amen" that would make even Randy Travis sit up and pay attention.

After a video recap of last night (which you can get here by the awesome Carrie), we get a group sing to "T-R-O-U-B-L-E." Great song. I love Travis Tritt. I think either Scott or Michael could've done a great "Anymore," just for the record. Anyway, Scott is jamming out on the piano tonight, which frees up the choreography aspect of the group sing, so that's cool. I love the boots Alexis is rocking tonight. The vocals sound pretty good on this and I love when the guys hop the girls up on the piano. Overall, a very nice group performance. Exciting and cute. One of the best ever.

Our "bonus" audition footage from the first commercial break is of Kristen McNamara singing "Black Velvet." Now that's just mean. Here's a girl we didn't keep! She can relive her audition that ultimately didn't really go anywhere. Mean.

Ford Music Video Time! Tonight's video is set to "Here It Goes Again," which is such an awesome song (great video here). The Ford video is the Idols having a water balloon fight and singing on the stoop of a Universal Studios backlot. Cute, but not my favorite. Also, apparently Ryan Seacrest tried to pelt Simon with a water balloon and hit some poor girl in the audience. Come for the performances, stay for the soaking!

There is now behind-the-scenes video of last week when Jorge and Jasmine were sent home. The Idols who are staying gave Jorge and "Snazzy Jazzy" some really sweet toasts while they all ate dinner with their families in a restaurant. It's really cute and makes me want to buy them all a Coke. No, seriously, it's cute.

Seacrest now interviews the contestants about what it's like being away from their families and Michael Sarver says that his 3 1/2 year-old daughter McKenna asked him why he doesn't want to be with her anymore. Oh my gosh! That made me tear up a little! Awww. Megan says that touched-slash-broke her heart. You and me both, Megan. Sniffle sniffle.

We now get some results. Danny, Lil, Anoop are all "on tour," because only the Top 10 get to be on the tour. Then Allison and Michael are made to stand up. I will be so pissed if he is safe and she is not. That would be a travesty. Seacrest makes Paula guess which one is in the bottom 3 and she can't make a choice (shocker). Simon harasses Paula to "answer the question" and she guesses Allison, which surprises me. And it turns out… they are BOTH in the Bottom 3. Well, that's right for Michael but not for Allison. Not by a mile.

Brad Paisley performs "Then." He's so cute. I love "Me Neither" and "Wrapped Around." Also, his wife was in Indian Summer and Father of the Bride. Just too cute. I like the lyrics of "Then," but it's a little slow for tonight. I'm all pumped up from "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" and this is kind of a let down.

We get some more results and find out that Scott, Megan, Matt, and Kris are going on tour. That leaves Alexis and Adam vying for the last Bottom 3 spot. Randy is put on the spot and chooses Alexis (after confusing her with Allison). It turns out he is correct. So we've got Alexis, Allison and Michael in the Bottom 3. That stinks. It really should be Michael Sarver going home but the way the public is voting this year, I don't know. Seacrest immediately sends one of them to safety and it is… Allison. YAY! I love her, so that's awesome.

I really hope Dial Idol isn't correct because Alexis, while not the best last night, was definitely not the worst. Michael was really outclassed on a night when he should've just KILLED his song. It's unfortunate but he needs to go.

Before we get more results, we get the duet with Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood. There is footage of her time on Idol and her recent induction into the Grand Ole Opry. It's so cute. Tonight she is rocking a beautiful red dress, but she has some kind of scary bird in her hair. Didn't Alfred Hitchcock make a horror movie about that? Yikes! Randy also says he had fun mentoring the Idols. He seems like a nice guy.

They sing "I Told You So" for the first time live. It's slow and Randy plays the guitar. It's a beautiful country duet, definitely don't fast-forward through this. Carrie takes the lead first, then Randy has a turn and then they sing together. It gives me goosebumps! Am I just a big ol' Carrie-loving sap? Perhaps. But I really like it. Carrie has some big notes on the chorus and they make Randy smile at her. Awww. Very nice, you two!

We're back to the results. Seacrest asks if they'd consider saving either of the Bottom 2 and Simon says that the judges have just had a conversation and that they would consider saving one of them. I'm assuming that's Alexis. But I guess we'll see… after the break.

Back from commercial, we find out that Michael Sarver is safe and Alexis Grace is going home. That sucks balls. I really liked Alexis last night. We go to the judges and Simon says she was the one they were thinking about saving so it's all going to come down to this performance. No pressure, though!

Right in front of her performance, the judges huddle up like big creepers. Seriously, how intimidating that must be!!! Alexis does a nice job but you can tell she's nervous as hell and her voice cracks a little. How can you ask her to sing in this situation? I'd wet my pants, of course her voice is going to crack!

Going back to the judges, Seacrest makes sure to let us know it's the "one save of the entire season." Jeez. Simon then tells her they are unanimous and that it was "good but it wasn't good enough." That is so harsh. HARSH! They really dangled that save in front of her and then snatched it away.

Also, it is crap that she's going home and Michael Sarver is safe. I really hate that 12 year-old girls are too stron
g of a voting block for any of the rest of us to make any difference. Ugh. Those stupid little girls make me mad. And I even vote! Grrr. Argh. Andrea out.

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