Keep it here for the live blog as "American Idol" trims one from the ranks to set its Top 7, though if you are a local Fox station with a late newscast, I would prepare to start late. Again. Here's hoping America does right and send Scott or Lil packing.

For some reason unbeknownst, Mario Lopez is in the audience. No word as to whether he's guest starring on Fringe this season. Ryan teases the upcoming performances from Flo Rida and Kellie Pickler. Someone please start the office pool as to which one will get the least amount of applause.

Just a quick note about the judges… Kara seems very excited that she's there and thinks you should be super excited as well. Paula is dressed for her high school prom with some elbow-length silk gloves, but has misplaced her tiara. Simon is reminded how super duper old he is by showing a black-and-white video of some guy who may or not be Paul Anka, Bobby Darin, or Frankie Avalon. Then whoever he is steps out from behind the screen and makes the moms and grandmas in the audience all atwitter. But seriously, Frankie's kind of a GILF.
Group performance! Really? Can't Get You Out Of My Head? Shockingly, a couple of the solos sound extremely good despite the cringe-worthiness of the number as a whole. Can't we just make this a Matt/Adam/Allison trio? Everyone else kind of ruined it. Wait a second… I think Adam just flubbed some lyrics. Does that mean they're not lip syncing this week? Hmmm. Not sure that was the right choice, but whatever.

Apparently watching the actual Ford music video wasn't torture enough, so the producers have decided to fill some time with a making-the-video to Britney Spears' Circus. Everyone gets all dressed up like members of a freak show. They keenly paired Adam and Allison together as the stars. They look perfectly normal in the outrageous vaudeville costumes. Everyone else… not so much. I can't take Scott seriously with a face tattoo.

To the results. We finally get to hear Adam's reaction to Simon's once-in-a-million standing ovation. He doesn't recall a time that Simon has ever bothered to stand up. And he's right… it's only happened a handful of times and usually it's when a winner is crowned. Small town mayor alert! Dimming the lights now. Adam is up first. Might as well get him out of the way since we know he's not going anywhere. Kris and Anoop are up next. Going to the bottom three is Anoop. W00t! He sucked last night. At least his shirt doesn't look like a Wrigley's Spearmint gum package tonight.

Oh Flo Rida. I commend you for sampling one of the best '80s songs and convincing everyone under the age of 15 that it's your own original composition. He's got quite the performance going on, but I can't get over his choice of clothing. He's dressed like he just got finished fixing my car. Who is this hot chick singing with him? Can't we have someone like her on Idol? She's really good. Much better than Lil, at least. Gosh darnit, I'm actually liking this performance. MUST GO TO ITUNES AND DOWNLOAD AT AN INFLATED PRICE. SONG… TOO… CATCHY. Ohhh confetti! That's new.

Time for another person to join Anoop on The Stools. Danny is safe. Blech. Matt Giraud is next. The judges seemed stoked with his performance. America agrees. He's safe. Scott stands and Ryan is ready to guide him over to Anoop. Just goes to show you that if you try to play the electric guitar on American Idol, you should probably have a background in rock and roll. Allison and Lil are up next. It's fairly obvious that Allison kicked major butt last night, so she's safe. Lil gets her first jaunt to the Bottom Three. Simon teases that one of them might get the Judges Save tonight. None of them actually deserve it, but the producers are probably forcing them to use it before it expires. Because it's so new and edgy and groundbreaking! ADJECTIVES!

Ryan introduces Kellie Pickler as the girl from North Carolina who won America's hearts. Which isn't quite true, but hey, whatever works for you. She seems paranoid she's going to burst out of her dress. Apparently Kellie needs to be guided around stage more than Scott does. Once she's scampered away, Lil is sent back to safety. So it's down to Scott and Anoop. If there's a lord in heaven, he'll send Scott home to get some vocal lessons.

It's time! Apparently, only 30,000 votes separate the two boys. Paula actually cries. Oh gosh. So Scott sings again, but this time he goes sans electric guitar. If there's an Idol producer reading this, you should have given him the guitar back. That way, most of his vocals could have been drowned out. Paula and Kara are loving his performance for some reason. Is he a dreamboat or something? They judges all huddle up to decide if they'll save him tonight. I would bet on my dad's grave that they're not.

Simon says that two of the judges think he should stay and two think he should go. Ryan gives them more time to think about it, which is stupid because it's supposed to be a unanimous decision. Simon thinks there are more talented people over on the couch. And then Paula and Kara ramble a little bit more to fill the time. Simon finally shoots Scott behind the barn. He was a good little dog, but he's no longer useful to herd the chickens.

Paula has the last word: sdfuherkjbsdf.

Posted by:Brandon Millman