colton dixon phillip phillips rivalry 'American Idol': Alleged rivals Colton Dixon and Phillip Phillips weigh in on their so called feudIn Jimmy Iovine‘s mind, both Colton Dixon and Phillip Phillips can’t make it to the “American Idol” final in May. So the Interscope Records chairman and “Idol” mentor made sure to encourage a little friendly competition between the two finalists when he helped them with their Top 7 songs. Dixon and Phillips aren’t buying it, however.

Both guys tell Zap2it backstage after their performances that there’s no rivalry there, and Iovine was simply stirring up drama for drama’s sake. “I think that ‘American Idol’ is a TV show, and I think that Jimmy was trying to start something,” Dixon explains. “I hope that he didn’t. I hope that America sees past what Jimmy was trying to do.”

Iovine tried to fire up the boys by pitting them against each other, as evidenced on the Top 7 performance show. “It’s you against Phillip, let’s cut the [expletive],” he tells Dixon during the mentoring session with Akon. “I think you’re behind Phillip. How are we going to pass him?”

He tries a similar tactic with Phillips, saying, “This is a real battle at this moment in the competition between you and
Colton. You both have the female vote heavy. When you go on stage,
there’s all the screaming. Right now, he could be a little ahead of you
on the female vote.”

But Dixon thinks its unfair to point out that the ladies love him. “Honestly, that really put me off. It really did. It got me wound up, and I’m sure I could go at it right now, but I had to bite my tongue in the studio and I think Phillip had to do the same thing. I even think Phillip handled it a little better than I did,”

He continues: “We’re both the creative people in this competition; we both do our own thing; we know exactly who we are, but the majority of voters for anyone are little girls. We know that. So to say that specifically our voters are little girls, it’s like, so are everybody’s. I could go on and on and on about it. I was really disappointed that Jimmy took it there.”

Frankly, Phillips thinks there’s no comparison at all. “Colton’s an awesome guy. We’re both completely different in our musical styles, so to me there’s nothing to compare. It’s just if you like him better, you like him better, if you like me better, you like me better. It’s two completely different tastes of music. [With] Jimmy, a lot of it’s just for show.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley