320 'American Idol' Season 11 Top 24 revealedOn “American Idol,” we pick things back up with Adam Brock, whom the judges have really been putting through the wringer as he cries and cries and they keep peppering him with questions. After all this, he has to be through right? And then, yes, he is.

Jeremy Rosado is next and frankly, we’ve never been in love with him. We think he could get cut and that’d be OK. But then, his final performance is pretty great. Hmm. That’s a tough one. It makes J.Lo bounce up and down like she’s having a fit. At his final judging, J.Lo says they watched him “vividly,” which …. huh. And then she misuses “transcendental.” She means “transcendent,” we’re pretty sure.

Now we have Shannon Magrane, who sings “The Trouble With Love” for her final performance, which is a great song, and she does really well on it. We’d like to see her make it, but since the first two have made it, we are not optimistic. Oh, but then she does! Good for her.

Uh, now we have some kid we’ve literally never seen before. I don’t remember him from the last season, either. Scott Dangerfield, or some such thing, but since four have made it and we’ve never seen him before, he and his fugly Cosby sweater are going home. No respect.

This leads into a montage of people who didn’t make it whom we’ve never seen before – but we don’t even get their names, y’all. That is harsh. It’s some guy and two girls. The one redheaded girl looked vaguely familiar.

Skylar Laine is now on the hot seat. Her final performance was “Fancy,” which is an awesome song, though she can’t pull it off. Her voice isn’t big enough for Reba. We bet she goes home. They’ve already got Chelsea and Baylie, three country girls would be a lot. But then she makes it! Wow, good for her, though.

We then see Hallie Day, Chase Likens and Aaron Marcellus make it through. At this point, there are only two spots left, plus the dramatic turn of events the show has been teasing for days.

I’ll say right now, I hope Jermaine and Eben advance out of the four guys who are left. The Kenny G-looking guy just rubs us the wrong way, for no particularly reason. And nothing against David Leathers Jr., because he’s great, but if we have to pick between him and Eben, we picking Eben.

Then, weirdly, they show DeAndre Brackensick (Kenny G) advancing and then drag us through Jermaine’s hot seat, even though those of us who can count (and know that one of David or Eben is going to advance) know Jermaine is going home. This is dumb. This is only in here to show Jermaine having a complete meltdown and it’s super gross. He’s probably going to be the “dramatic turn of events” when he collapses and I am seriously uncomfortable watching this.

So, anyway, we’re down the final spot for the women and it’s between Shelby Tweten, Ariel Sprague and Hollie Cavanagh. We really don’t have a preference here, we don’t feel like we’ve seen any of them enough to love or hate them a lot. And then Hollie makes it and the other girls cry.

Now we’re down to David Leathers vs. Eben Franckewitz. Leathers chooses Jackson 5 for his final song, which is a smart pick, though he doesn’t sound quite as young-MJ as we’re used to. Eben, meanwhile, goes old man with “You Are So Beautiful” and sounds a little thin, honestly. Hmm. What happened to these guys?

And the one advancing is … Eben, which makes us happy, though we’re so bummed for David. He cries and Eben cries and everybody starts hugging. David’s really mature on his way out, complimenting Eben. What a nice kid.

What do you think of the Top 24, “Idol” fans? Here is the complete list:

Adam Brock, 27, Washington, PA
Jeremy Rosado, 19, Valrico, FL
Shannon Magrane, 16, Tampa, FL
Skyler Laine, 18, Brandon, MS
Hallie Day, 24, Baltimore, MD
Chase Likens, 20, Point Pleasant, WV
Aaron Marcellus, 27, Atlanta, GA
DeAndre Brackensick, 17, San Jose, Calif.
Hollie Cavanagh, 18, McKinney, TX
Eben Franckewitz, 15, Loveland, OH
Jen Hirsh, 25, Agoura Hills, Calif.
Creighton Fraker, 28, Queens, New York,
Joshua Ledet, 19, Westlake, Lousiana
Haley Johnsen, 23, Portland, OR
Elise Testone, 28, Charleston, SC
Reed Grimm, 26, Ellsworth, WI
Erika Van Pelt, 26, South Kingstown, RI
Chelsea Sorrell, 23, Stokesdale, NC
Baylie Brown, 22, Krum, Texas
Heejun Han, 22, New York, NY
Jessica Sanchez, 16, San Diego, Calif.
Phil Phillips, 21, Leesburg, GA
Colton Dixon, 20, Murfreesboro, TN
Brielle Von Hugel, 17, Staten Island, NY

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