No matter how much changes on “American Idol,” one thing always remains the same: Ryan Seacrest. Thanks to a new interview with “Access Hollywood,” we can rest easy knowing that Seacrest will return to host in Season 13.

But he is probably the only one coming back.

Seacrest did confirm his return to the “Access Hollywood” hosts, saying that he had no intention of leaving — ever. “I love doing it. It’s part of … It’s what I know. Every day of my life for the last 12 — almost 13 — years,” he explained. “I’ve gotten up to either host ‘Idol’ or go on the auditions. So I’d like to do it as long as they’d like to have me.”

Unfortunately for the sole Season 12 judge who wants to come back, Keith Urban, the news isn’t quite as positive or settled. “He was fantastic on the show,” Seacrest said. “But obviously there are changes and they have not determined exactly what that mix is going to be.”

One judge who is definitely not going to return is Nicki Minaj. That’s probably okay with Seacrest, although the host didn’t say anything exactly negative about her. When asked about Minaj, Seacrest told the story of the first live show of Season 12 — the show where Nicki arrived late. “After the show, I said, ‘Is everything okay?'” he explained. “And she said, ‘Yeah. I’ve got to move!’ I said, ‘Well, where do you live?’ She said, ‘Malibu. And do you know how long it takes to get in to where we tape the show in middle of the day?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, well you’ve got to calculate that.’ So she felt bad about it. But it was the first time that had ever happened, where we didn’t have a judge for the first singer!”

What is appropriate for judges is something Seacrest knows well, having worked with the original reality judge, Simon Cowell. “To have a chance to spar with him again on live national television would be heaven,” Seacrest said when asked about Cowell. “He really is a great guy. He’s the best at that job. He is the best at the judging job.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown