fantasia barrino diana degarmo idol finale 'American Idol' Season 3: Fantasia Barrino vs. Diana DeGarmoThe Season 10 premiere of “American Idol” is less than a week away and to make the days go by a bit faster, Zap2it decided to take a stroll down memory lane and re-evaluate the previous nine seasons.

day leading up to the premiere on Wednesday, Jan. 19, we will post a
retrospective on each season. We’re breaking it down into four
categories: Best Performance, Worst Performance, Most Underrated Idol
and most Overrated Idol. At the end, we will decide how the season
stacks up against the rest, rating it as great, good, or not-so-good.

We’ve looked back at Season 1 (yay Kelly!) and Season 2 (aww, Clay and Ruben!) and now it’s time to take a look back at the black hole of “American Idol.” And don’t even try to act like that’s not a true statement in the year where Fantasia beat Diana DeGarmo.

Season 2 contestants in order of elimination:

Leah LaBelle
Matthew Rogers
Amy Adams
Camile Velasco
Jon Peter Lewis
Jennifer Hudson
John Stevens
George Huff
LaToya London
Jasmine Trias
Diana DeGarmo
Fantasia Barrino (winner)

Best Performance: Jennifer Hudson, “Circle of Life”

It was a crying shame Jennifer Hudson went home so early in Season 3, and we are not saying this as a Johnny-come-lately because she’s gone on to such success recently. She was a tie for our favorite that season (with LaToya London) and we thought “Circle of Life” was amazing. It was a soaring, chill-inducing performance. We don’t care how much anybody (even Simon) loved “Summertime” — we didn’t, and still don’t, like Fantasia’s voice at all. Our honorable mention for Best Performance is LaToya London’s “Don’t Rain on My Parade.”

Worst Performance: Jon Peter Lewis, “Jailhouse Rock”

How can we choose just one? This was easily the worst group of finalists ever on “Idol.” Diana DeGarmo’s “A Broken Wing,” Amy Adams “Dancing in the Streets,” just about everyone on Elton John week (save the aforementioned “Circle of Life”), just about everything Jon Peter Lewis did, the idea of a Gloria Estefan week, it goes on and on. But we’ll give this dubious honor to JPL’s “Jailhouse Rock.”

Most Underrated Idol: Jennifer Hudson, LaToya London

We repeat — it’s a crying shame these immensely talented women finished 7th and 4th, respectively. They should’ve been dueling in the finals.

Most Overrated Idol: Fantasia Barrino

We still can’t believe she won and that anybody liked the sound of her voice. To us, nails on a chalkboard. She was awful, like the poor man’s Macy Gray. Sorry, Fantasia fans. We just don’t see it.

How the season stacks up: Not-so-good.

Even though some argued that last year’s Season 9 was the weakest ever, we disagree. It was Season 3.

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