blake jordin 'American Idol' Season 6: Jordin Sparks vs. Blake LewisThe Season 10 premiere of“American Idol” is less than a week away and to make the days go by a bit faster, Zap2it decided to take a stroll down memory lane and re-evaluate the previous nine seasons.

Each day leading up to the premiere on Wednesday, Jan. 19, we will post a retrospective on each season. We’re breaking it down into four categories: Best Performance, Worst Performance, Most Underrated Idol and most Overrated Idol. At the end, we will decide how the season stacks up against the rest, rating it as great, good, or not-so-good.

We’ve looked back at Season 1 (yay Kelly!), Season 2 (aww, Clay and Ruben!), the black hole that was Season 3, one of our favorite Top 2 in Season 4, and Soul Patrol-ed Season 5. Now, it’s time to get our beatbox on and take a gander at Season 6. Definitely our lamest segue yet, no?

Season 6 contestants in order of elimination:

Brandon Rogers
Stephanie Edwards
Chris Sligh
Gina Glocksen
Haley Scarnato
Sanjaya Malakar
Phil Stacey
Christopher Richardson
LaKisha Jones
Melinda Doolittle
Blake Lewis
Jordin Sparks (winner)

Best Performance: Blake Lewis’ “You Give Love A Bad Name”

A controversial choice, but we’re sticking by it. Easily one of the most original and daring performances ever to grace the “Idol” stage, we still consider Lewis’ reinterpretation of Bon Jovi’s classic song to be one of the best performances ever on the show. Who knew beat-boxing could be so addictive? Oh, we did!

Worst Performance: Anything by Sanjaya
The horror, the horror! We’re convinced Simon Cowell still wakes up screaming in the middle of night due to nightmares involving Sanjaya’s singing. We kind of think he deserves it though since he helped to send the undeserving dude into the Top 12. It was really tough to pick which butchered song of Mr. Malakar’s to highlight, but chose “You Got Me” because of the girl in pigtails crying over his singing. We were too, honey. We were too.

Most underrated Idol: Melinda Doolittle
Who else but the pint-sized powerhouse could we choose as Season 6, and possibly the series, most underrated contestant? Clearly deserving of the title (let alone making it to the Final Two) we think it was Doolittle’s never-ending modesty and not enough fire that may have hurt her in the end.

Most Overrated Idol: See Worst Performance
We know it’s a cop out, but come on! It would be truly unfair to the other 11 contestants to not choose Sanjaya. It’s a joke that he even made the Top 12.  And using different hairstyles to try and stay in the competition longer? Weaksauce. Harsh, but true.
sanjaya malakar 'American Idol' Season 6: Jordin Sparks vs. Blake Lewis
How this season stacks up: Good
Not that we’re saying Lewis deserved to win, the final song choice certainly did the beat-boxer no favors as it was clearly picked with a female vocalist in mind. Producers were probably betting on the final battle being between Doolittle and Sparks and we’re clearly surprised by Lewis’ upset. Also preventing the Season from being classified as great? SANJAYA.
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