aaron kelly american idol 320 'American Idol' Season 9 Idols on Adam Lambert, good luck charms and Aaron's new nicknameThe “American Idol” Season 9 contestants took some time to share with Zap2it some behind-the-scenes secrets including their good luck charms, pre-show rituals, how Adam Lambert helped them and Aaron Kelly’s brand new nickname.

On their good luck charms:

Katie: A pin that has all these little charms that I’ve gotten from different people. I wear it on my clothes.

Tim: Carrie Underwood gave me a necklace that I wear now. [Ed’s note: She gave all the Idols dog tags with CU and a heart on the back.]

Crystal: It’s a little bag with little charms in it, it’s always in my pocket. Little things that people have given me.

Casey: My rings. It’s not like I think of them [as good luck charms], but I always wear them.

Siobhan: They’re hidden on my person right now. I’ve had them on my person every single live performance so far. It’s a guardian angel charm that two of my best girlfriends lent me. Another is a little key necklace that my mom sent me … I don’t have any pockets, so think of where a woman would hide something.

Lee: I like to call my family before every performance.

Aaron: I don’t actually carry them on me, but my mom carries them around for me, just little trinkets.

Mike: My wife sends me a message before every performance. I live for it. My wife gives me so much strength.

My hair. My pompadour. I rub it a couple times. [laughs] Just kidding. I say a little prayer.

How did they feel after the Elvis week performances?

Casey: Relieved. I didn’t hear a word [the judges] said, were they mad? I never worry about them too much. It’s in my head whether I did good or bad.

Tim: Lot of relief. They liked me, I was like, “Alright, cool!”

Katie: I was really happy when I came off the stage … Ultimately I was happy with my performance, so that’s what’s important to me. I’m proud of what I did.

Was Adam Lambert a helpful mentor?

Casey: He did, he helped a lot.
Katie: Adam definitely helped so much. At first I was not as aggressive in the song, I was just singing it and then he really got to the heart of why I was singing it, so that really helped. That was great.

On their pre-performance rituals:

Tim: I jump up and down.

Katie: I drink water.

Crystal: I check my blood sugar.

Casey: I act like I’m a boxer. [pantomines boxing]

Siobhan: I warm up and say some prayers, drink some Red Bull.

Lee: Truthfully, I generally hang out. Keep ourselves busy. Joke around, try to keep it light because you’re about to get judged. Keep yourself awake. The nerves get to you sometimes and you get very tired. Sleepy as hell. You’re like, “I’m about to be in front of millions of people, why am I falling asleep?”

Aaron: I just thank God for the chance he’s given me.

Mike: I’m a creature of habit. I read my message from my wife, I talk to my pastor, I get a good word from my father-in-law. I get very centered. The 87th psalm is my psalm. I keep my mind really clear.

Andrew: Just try to stay awake and not focus on what the judges are about to say to you.

Were there any other Elvis songs they considered?

Casey: Absolutely. One of my favorite songs as a kid was “His Latest Flame.”

I was gonna do “All Shook Up,” but then I sang it and it was one of those things where I wasn’t confident enough with it. I tried to make it my own, change it up, but ultimately I wasn’t confident.

Tim: I saw my immediately, knew what I wanted to do.

Crystal: Same for me.

What’s the status on Katie’s prom dates?

Katie: [Last week when Ryan asked her about her prom dates] I got about five more emails after that with boys saying, “I will give you my phone bill.” Seriously.

And does Aaron Kelly have a new nickname? Yes! They are retiring Yoda and now he is “Aar-bear.” Lee Dewyze tells us next week they’ll have another one for us.

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