shannon magrane elise testone 'American Idol': Shannon Magrane and Elise Testone respond to the judges' critiquesShannon Magrane and Elise Testone aren’t letting the “Amerian Idol” judges’ critiques get the best of them. Both ladies received less-than-stellar reviews from Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson for their Whitney Houston covers during the Top 13 performance night, but instead of dwelling on the negative comments, both ladies tell Zap2it that they’re trying to learn from the experience.

The 16-year-old Magrane struggled with the big notes during her rendition of “I Have Nothing,” but she was gracious when the judges told her she hadn’t done her best.

“I handled it I feel like in a [good] way, rather than breaking down and being so upset about it,” she tells Zap2it after the show. “I’m going to try not to hold myself to it. It’s just a whole learning experience and it’s only going to make me better.”

Besides – she was satisfied with the way she finished her song. “I feel like I picked it up and brought it back together at the end,” she says.

Testone was more visibly shaken onstage after the judges said they didn’t like “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” and was still kicking herself over the whole thing after the show.

“You pick one song that you know you can do and then they suggest another one and then whatever they suggested, it’s always negative feedback every time,” she says. “So it’s like ‘Oh, maybe I should’ve done the one I was comfortable with.’ But I really liked doing that song. I thought I did a pretty good job with it, but definitely it could’ve been better. It could’ve been more in the pocket.”

Since there was a last-minute song switch involved, perhaps the decks were stacked against her regardless of how she performed. Still, Testone’s trying to look on the bright side and learn from the whole thing.

“I felt like I really did a good job with the time that I was given. I still feel like it could’ve been better, definitely. I was kind of sad about it, that they were so hard on me, but that’s good, right? Because I’ll just work harder to be better next time.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley