shannon magrane jessica sanchez 'American Idol': Shannon Magrane and Jessica Sanchez on being young and taking on Whitney HoustonSinging a Whitney Houston song is intimidating for anyone, but it’s especially hard for Top 13 “American Idol” contestants Shannon Magrane and Jessica Sanchez, considering they’re both just 16 years old.

“I mean, we’re both excited because it’s Whitney Houston, but we’re both intimidated because it’s Whitney Houston! We have to try to pull it off as best as we can,” Sanchez tells Zap2it. “And we’re really going to try because we’ve put our own spin on the songs, but we’re really excited.”

Magrane agrees. “It’s definitely really intimidating knowing that it’s a Whitney Houston song, and we’re going to have to tackle one of her big songs,” she says. “We’re hoping it goes really well. I feel really confident; I know [Jessica] feels really confident about it.”

Sanchez says that her throat is feeling better this week (she was sick during the live semifinal round), and she hopes to knock her performance out of the park. The thing she’s most worried about is doing Whitney justice. “I’m a bit nervous because it’s a Whitney song, and that’s pretty nerve-wracking.”

Since so many of Houston’s songs are about love and relationships, Magrane says it’s more difficult for the younger contestants to connect. “We’re 16-year-old girls! Most of her songs are about love and her
relationships, and what 16-year-old girl is going to understand what
love is? We’ve had butterflies before but we don’t really understand
what love really is.”

Stilll, Magrane says she tried to pick a song that will resonate with everyone.

“My theory is to lean towards a song that I feel most emotional [about] and that I connect with the most. I did try to pick something that made me feel right and is going to make everybody else like my song as well.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley