siobhan magnus elimination idol 'American Idol': Siobhan Magnus can 'picture any one of them the winner'Wailin’ Siobhan Magnus was the latest “American Idol” contestant sent home. Only one female left! She talks in her exit interview about her patented high notes, her fellow contestants, her boyfriend at home and what kind of album she wants to cut in the future.

On her signature screaming high notes:

I’m pretty sure I figured out how to do that in the shower in high school one night. I’m an avid shower singer, much to the dismay of my family and my neighbors, but I was singing a Kelly Clarkson song and I went to hit one note and when I reached it, I was able to resonate it in a differnet part of my head where I could belt it that high. Ever since I figured it out, I started to use it more and more, in school choirs and in my band and it becames very useful in the style of singing I like to do. One particular time it came in handy was me and my friend, we did “Great Gig in the Sky” by Pink Floyd and I had a blast just wailing on those huge notes in a battle of the bands and we won. And one of my favorite singers of all time is Janis Joplin and I learn very much through imitation. When I hear a singer that I love I try to emulate that.

On who she thinks is going to win:

It’s so hard to say because each person is so unique and extremely talented. I know the last thing you want to hear is “I don’t know, it could be anybody,” but it heavily depends on the coming theme … All the contestants have such an incredible ability to make the songs their own and I have faith in all of them. They all deserve to be there and whoever it is that comes out on top will be for the right reasons. I love them all dearly and I couldn’t even tell you because this whole thing has been so unpredictable and such a crazy journey. I can honestly picture any one of them the winner at this time.

On her musical tastes and love of Courtney Love and Rob Zombie as a concern for record producers and fans:

I could understand that being a cause of concern but my tastes are in no way limited to that style of music. I hope to be able to create a sound that is my own because it takes from everything that I love — from jazz and soul and R&B and blues to rock and punk and oldies, big band. I love everything. I’ll hopefully eventually be able to create something that is my own sound but that also takes from everything that I ever loved, not just Courtney Love and Rob Zombie.

On her friendship with Lee Dewyze and the other contestants:

I am especially close to Lee, he’s just such a great person. We formed an amazing friendship. We clicked. I was just glad to have him there. But they’re all extremely encouraging and we know this isn’t the end by any means for any of us … I can’t wait to see them again, I miss them already.

On her time with Adam Lambert and the comparisons:

It was wicked flattering being compared to him. Right off the bat I just respected him so much for his individuality and his confidence. His stage presence is just tremendous, it’s undeniable that he’s born to do what he’s doing. He was extremely helpful as a mentor … He knew just what to say. I really tried to absorb every single thing he said, every moment I had with him. He pointed some great things about the entire performance and your presence on stage and things to make it more believable. I was just so honored to get to have that time with him. He was such a kind person that he made it that much easier and less scary … I hope to see him again soon, he’s a great guy.

On being so different and unique:

That’s definitely something that’s been important to me from the beginning. To show people that that’s something I care about and take very seriously. I have always been an independent person … I’m not going to change for other people. I do what I do because it rests well on my heart. The positive feedback I’ve received from fans and viewers is tremendous. I couldn’t ask for anything better than receiving letters from younger girls who said to me, “I get made fun of at school because I’m different, but watching you has helped me accept the fact that it’s okay and it’s a good thing to be who I am and not back down because other people intimidate me.”

I’ve received letters where I’ve been brought to tears because I’ve achieved sometihng that’s been a goal of mine for so long. To be able to influence young girls in a positive way and to show them that who you are on the inside is a beautiful thing and you shouldn’t let anybody take that away from you … I’ve always said that even if I could influence just one person’s life, that’s what I’m here for, so I’m just so honored.

On her boyfriend at home:

He’s been great this whole time … him being able to be so strong while we’re apart has been extremely helpful. I knew that I could call him every night and just vent about whatever happened that day or if I was really happy or really sad, he was in it with me even though we were 2000 miles apart. He definitely played a huge role in getting me through all of this

To her fans:

I would say not to worry because this is just the end of one thing and the beginning of a new thing. I have so many big ideas and things that I hope to come in the future … Hopefully this will just be the gateway to all the other things I aspire to do.

What might those things be?

One thing is I’d love to do some more theatre. I love acting and I’ve had a lot of experience in different kinds of theatre, musicals and Shakespeare and I love acting. I do aspire to someday to be in something like “Phantom of the Opera” or “Jesus Christ Superstar,” like any kind of opera or Broadway-type musical because I love acting and singing and the two of them together is just so much fun.

I also am a huge horror movie fan and I definitely aspire to at least make an appearance in a witching, gory kind of horror film with all the stops and the special effects makeup that I’m just so fascinated by. A big dream of mine since all my brothers and sisters are very artistic too would be to collaborate with them. My oldest brother Rory is an extremely talented filmmaker and someday I’d love to be in one of his films and we could all come together and create a Magnus work of art.

Awww. We guess Siobhan and Lee Dewyze aren’t having a behind-the-scenes romance after all. Bummer.

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