siobhan magnus elimination idol 'American Idol' Siobhan Magnus performs with HansonSeason 9 “American Idol” eliminee Siobhan Magnus has never been shy about the fact that she’s a huge fan of Hanson — yes, the “Mmm-Bop” guys. (You know you loved them.) She’s even got a line from one of their songs tattooed on her wrist.

Apparently, the admiration is mutual. Taylor Hanson invited Magnus to perform with him and his brothers Zac and Isaac at a secret midnight show in Los Angeles. Reality Rocks snuck into the rehearsals, where Siobhan fit in perfectly with the band because she’d “been practicing for 14 years.”

“She showed up ready,” Taylor says, adding that fans on the band’s message board alerted them that Siobhan loved their music.

“Someone had written ‘Did you see the girl with the Hanson sweatshirt at Hollywood week?'” Siobhan says, admitting that she checked out the forums as well. “And then someone posted, ‘Well, if she’s a Hanson fan, I bet she’s reading this and laughing at us,’ and I’m sitting there reading it and laughing.”

“Thankfully she made it easy on us and she agreed to cover some of our own songs,” Zac adds. “So we already knew them.”

Hanson’s latest album, “Shout It Out” was released on June 8. Check out Siobhan’s rehearsal of “Weird” with the Hanson brothers below. Dreams do come true, kids.

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Photo Credit: FOX

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie