skylar colton duet 'American Idol': Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon want Tim Tebow and Hayley Williams to give them a callSkylar Laine and Colton Dixon would like to reiterate that they are definitely, absolutely, 100 percent not dating, despite the rumor “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest started on the Top 8 performance show that the duet partners were a couple in real life. But there are a few celebs they would like to date if they had the chance — Hayley Williams and Tim Tebow, feel free to pick up a phone and call the “Idol” finalists.

“No!” exclaims Laine when Zap2it asks her about the rumors the following week. “We don’t want anyone dating. That would be weird because they’re all our family!”

Joshua Ledet claims otherwise. “Skylar and Colton have been dating ever since Hollywood Week,” he confesses with a sly smile.

“Excuse me while I punch him out,” Laine says.

Her roommate Hollie Cavanagh is no help either. “Colton and Skylar are dating,” she jokes. “Just kidding. Colton and Skylar are not dating.”

“They’re just married,” Ledet chimes in.

Relax — it’s just playful ribbing from friends. They’re really not dating. And yes, we are totally perpetuating this rumor by writing about it again, but it’s fun to watch Laine squirm while her pals poke fun. We mean that in the nicest way possible — it’s enjoyable to watch the reality show contestants interact on a genuine level and not just for TV cameras.

Besides, Dixon reiterates Laine’s statements. “Skylar and I are NOT dating, and we’re not going to date. Period,” he confirms.
“However, after Ryan started the rumors — I don’t know why I thought it
would be a good idea, because I think it’s what helps the rumors spin a
little more — but we came offstage, we were doing our backstage interview,
and she says ‘No, Colton and I are not dating.’ I remember looking at her
like ‘We’re not?’ [Laughs] It was awesome. She gave me a good smack

Okay, fine. They. Are. Not. Dating. But who would they like to date?

Both have a few celebrity crushes. “Okay, I have a couple,” says Laine. “Jason Aldean. Justin Moore — he’s the one who sings ‘Small Town USA.’ And Tim Tebow, of course.”

And Dixon? “Hayley Williams of Paramore is a big one. Gosh. And Emma Watson, man, ever since I started watching ‘Harry Potter’ I was glued. The accent doesn’t help at all. Gosh, she’s gorgeous.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley