Gift wrapping at the holidays is a wonderful service. But how much more awesome would it be if your gift-wrapping was done by one of the former contestants on “American Idol”? People shopping in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta this year may have found that out.

These photos come from the gift-wrapping event held at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday (Dec. 18) and from a mall in Westchester, New York on Wednesday (Dec. 19). Manny Streetz, Michael Rippe, Brooke White (from “Idol” season 7) and Lexi Shaw wrapped the presents in California, while season 4’s Anthony Fedorov led the gift-wrapping station in New York.

Those lucky shoppers who got their presents wrapped by TV people also received the gift of “American Idol”-themed wrapping paper. The gift-wrapping itself was free, but the stunt was meant to bring in donations to provide relief for those affected by hurricane Sandy. The “Idol” alums partnered with the Red Cross for the fundraiser.

Based on photos from the events, these holiday wrapping employees were a lot happier than those we typically see at the mall.

Posted by:Laurel Brown