idol s11 hollywood week 'American Idol': Symone Black collapses off the stage during Hollywood WeekIt’s here, y’all. Hollywood Week. The best set of episodes “American Idol” does all season. Not only are these eps a welcome relief from the seemingly endless audition episodes, but they are so gosh darn silly and full of drama that we almost can’t take it.

There are 309 contestants, which seems like possibly the most? Or it’s right up there? Don’t quote us on that. But this first day, half of them will sing and half of that half are going home today.

This is the round where they sing a capella and get no feedback, then the judges go all “A Chorus Line” and tell the ones who are through to either step forward or stay back in line.

High (and low) lights include:

  • Johnny Keyser is back with his Backstreet Boy look and all his vocal tricks. You can tell by the “mmms” coming from the judges’ table that he’s going to advance.
  • HeeJun Han is nervous as all heck, but he makes it through. Jennifer Lopez is so smitten – she wants to take him to the park and push on a swing.
  • A blonde montage sees Elise Testone, Baylie Brown and Hallie Day all advance
  • Jen Hirsh does some sick things to “Up to the Mountain” and makes it through.
  • A bad montage sees Heather Youmans, Sascha Julian, Candice Russell and several other very desperate girls mess up their auditions, kind of hilariously. It’s so bad that you wonder how they advanced from the initial rounds.
  • Adorable southern boy Phil Phillips has to perform sans guitar and it’s a little rough.
  • The colorful Reed Grimm sings “I Got a Golden Ticket” and it’s just as crazypants as his “Family Matters” audition. But it’s also pretty awesome.
  • The very sad Travis Orlando gets cut in the first round again. Poor kid. Also cut is the guy who was born without ears, Ramiro Garcia.
  • Adam Brock totally rocks some “Walkin’ in Memphis,” very growly and bluesy. Wonderful.
  • Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane has had a makeover since her first audition and looks great. She also does some CCR, which makes her a girl after our own heart. But she doesn’t quite pull it off and she gets cut.
  • There’s a hilarious montage of people losing their minds when they get cut. Just go home with your head held high, people.
  • MLB pitcher’s daughter Shannon Magrane sings “Fallin,'” a song that should be outlawed from this show, but she advances.
  • The “ladies man” who looks like a 12-year-old David Leathers Jr. sings a Celine Dion song …. hmmm. He does well, though, and advances too.
  • Also advancing is Jessica Phillips, who just broke our heart with her fiance who had a stroke. She sings “He Fills Me Up” and … it’s weird. She’s dropping notes and adding in spoken parts like she’s a lounge singer working the Monte Carlo.
  • Jeremy Rosado sings “Superstar” and the tone is OK, but he sounds like he has marbles in his mouth. Enunciate, big fella.
  • In a horrible moment, Symone Black staggers towards the edge of the stage like she’s having a seizure and then she falls off and hits her head. Medics rush in. We hope she’s alright, geez. How scary. Her “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” was lovely.

Come back here tomorrow night for the second half of the Hollywood Week first round. Woot.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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