american idol hollywood jennifer steven 'American Idol': The Rooms of Doom cut very few favoritesThe brutal cuts and the Group Day are over. Now it’s time for more solo performances and the patented “American Idol” Rooms of Doom, but we are not learning the semi-finalists Thursday night (Feb. 17). They still have the Las Vegas rounds yet to come.

Haley Reinhart
is first with “God Bless the Child” and she has such a bluesy, growly voice, it’s wonderful, though a little theatrical. She is followed by Asthon Jones and Thia Megia, who also both blow it out (despite Thia’s crazy Cosby sweater).

After the girls were off to a hot start, Adrian Michael, Caleb Johnson, Frances Coontz struggle with the band, then Clint Jun Gamboa does some screamin’ on “Georgia On My Mind.” Maybe that’s some people’s taste, but I prefer that song much quieter. It’s beauty is lost when you embellish it like that, I think. Kendra Chantelle and Sophia Shorai also tackle “Georgia” and I like their versions better.

Chris Medina and Carson Higgins are both doing “My Prerogative,” though they are doing very different styles. Medina’s version doesn’t work quite as well as Carson’s upbeat version, but they’ll probably both be OK.

An instrument montage features Julie Zorrilla on the keyboard, Caleb Hawley on the guitar, Colton Dixon on the keyboard, Brett Loewenstern on the guitar and Robbie Rosen on the keyboard, which leads into Casey Abrams on upright bass. Bad-ass. I hope he twirls it.

He then gets totally groovy on “Georgia On My Mind,” it’s really quite something. All three judges are ready to throw their panties at him.

Jacqueline Dunford has to leave the competition because she’s sick and they make it all about Chelsee Oaks, who has lost her “best friend.” Uh, that you’ve known three days. Chelsee struggles through “Because of You” and it’s pretty bad.

Lauren Alaina busts out “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing” like she did at her audition and it’s beautiful (and I even hate this song). Jacob Lusk also tears up the stage with “God Bless the Child,” where have they been hiding this giant man of talent? His range is outrageous. He then just has a complete breakdown in the hallway at the reception his performance received. Awww, sweetie! Stop making me cry, dammit.

Country fella John Wayne Schulz busts out a quietly beautiful “Landslide” that is just exactly what he should record. Ashley Sullivan gets called an “emotional timebomb” by Seacrest, which is hilarious. She really sets herself up to blow it in front of the judges, which she does by messing up the words, then she can’t get it back. Yikes.

Steffano Langone busts out “You Can Feel It All Over,” Jovany Barreto does “You Sang To Me” and Jacee Badeaux does “Time of My Life.” They all do well, but lead into Scotty McCreery on “I Hope You Dance” and he doesn’t know the words, so he has to get subtitles, which is hilarious. He is not the only one, Tatynisa Wilson flubs it too and her subtitles are even better because she’s trying to make lyrics but they are complete jibberish.

The fact that Scotty totally flubbed a country song that he probably should’ve known if that’s his genre does not speak well of his chances and really shows how limited his range is.

Now it’s time for the Rooms of Dooooooom! The contestants are in four rooms, but each do not hold exactly 25, since Nigel told us today in a conference call that they take 60 people with them to Las Vegas.

Ashley Sullivan, Brett Loewenstern, Jacee Badeaux, Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina, James Durbin, Robbie Rosen, Chris Medina, Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart are in Room 1. Based on that group, I think they are through, even with crazypants Ashley. And then they are.

Room 2 features Corey Levoy and Brielle Von Hugel and a bunch of people I don’t recognize, so there’s no way. And yeah, they’re done. Room 3 has Mark Gutierrez, Chelsee Oaks and a bunch of other nameless people are also sent home. I didn’t see anybody I was really upset about in those two rooms.

Room 4 has Carson Higgins, Naima Adedapo, Julie Zorrilla, Joveny Barreto, Rachel Zevita, Scotty McCreery and Clint Jun Gamboa are all in that room. I’m pretty surprised Scotty is still in it, though I’m pleased.

Next week: Beatles songs in Las Vegas. Exciting!  

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