top rated shows 2011 12 by network 'American Idol' to 'The Vampire Diaries': The top rated TV shows on each network for 2011 12Following the release of network rankings for the 2011-12 season, Nielsen has now released ratings for the season for every show on broadcast television.

You can see the complete list, broken down by total viewers and by adults 18-49 ratings, at our partner site TV by the Numbers. But we wanted to highlight the top performers on each network and where they rank overall. You know, for instance, that “American Idol” is once again near the top of the rankings, but do you know FOX’s most-watched show after that? Or where “Two and a Half Men” ranks in CBS’ lineup? And where The CW’s top series, “The Vampire Diaries,” ranks among all shows?

Below are the Top 5 — and Bottom 2 — shows on each network this season, along with their overall Nielsen rankings in total viewers (excluding sports pre- and post-game shows, but not game telecasts, and any summer shows, such as “America’s Got Talent,” that premiered in-season). We’ve also noted the top performers among adults 18-49 on each network. (DVR ratings for the final weeks of the season may change these numbers a little bit, but likely won’t change the rankings.)


1. “Dancing With the Stars” performance show, 18.33 million viewers (5th overall)
2. “Dancing With the Stars” results, 16.08 million (6th)
3. “Modern Family,” 12.93 million (17th)
4. “Castle,” 12.18 million (22nd)
5. “Once Upon a Time,” 11.71 million (28th)

Top 5 in adults 18-49: “Modern Family” (5.5 rating, tied for 5th overall); “Grey’s Anatomy” (4.2, 12th); “Once Upon a Time” (4.1, t-17th); “Desperate Housewives” (3.6, t-26th); “Dancing With the Stars” performance show (3.4, t-30th)

Bottom 2: “Saturday Movie of the Week,” 3.46 million viewers (156th) and “You Deserve It,” 4.81 million (126th)


1. “NCIS,” 19.49 million (3rd)
2. “NCIS: Los Angeles,” 16.01 million (7th)
3. “The Big Bang Theory,” 15.82 million (8th)
4. “Two and a Half Men,” 14.64 million (11th)
5. “The Mentalist,” 14.57 million (12th)

Top 5 in adults 18-49: “The Big Bang Theory” (5.5, t-5th); “Two and a Half Men” (5.1, 9th); “2 Broke Girls” (4.4, t-10th); “How I Met Your Mother” (4.1, t-17th); “NCIS” and “Survivor: South Pacific” (4.0, t-19th)

Bottom 2: “48 Hours Mystery,” 5.82 million (102nd) and “A Gifted Man,” 8.63 million (60th)


1. “American Idol” Wednesday, 19.81 million (2nd)
2. “American Idol” Thursday, 18.33 million (4th)
3. “The X Factor” Wednesday, 12.67 million (19th)
4. “The X Factor” Thursday, 12.57 million (20th)
5. “Terra Nova,” 10.08 million (43rd)

Top 5 in adults 18-49: “American Idol” Wednesday (6.2, 2nd); “American Idol” Thursday (5.5, t-5th); “The X Factor” Wednesday (4.4, t-10th); “New Girl” (4.2, t-14th); “The X Factor” Thursday (4.2, t-14th)

Bottom 2: “Q’Viva! The Chosen” (1.88 million, 179th) and “Breaking In” (3.45 million, 157th)


1. “Sunday Night Football,” 20.74 million* (1st)
2. “The Voice” (15.77 million, 9th)
3. “The Voice” results show (10.92 million, 35th)
4. “Smash” (8.94 million, 51st)
5. “Harry’s Law (8.92 million, 52nd)

*Includes broadcasts only from the start of the Nielsen season on Sept. 19. Including games aired prior to that, “SNF’s” season average is 21.25 million viewers and 8.3 in adults 18-49.

Top 5 in adults 18-49: “Sunday Night Football” (8.0, 1st); “The Voice” (6.1, 3rd); “The Voice” results show (4.2, t-15th); “The Office” (3.4, t-30th); “Smash” (3.2, t-43rd)

Bottom 2: “Escape Routes” (1.11 million, 192nd) and “Bent” 9:30 p.m. (3.05 million, 164th)

The CW

1. “The Vampire Diaries,” 2.78 million (166th)
2. “America’s Next Top Model All-stars,” 2.42 million (172nd)
3. “The Secret Circle,” 2.06 million (175th)
4. “Supernatural,” 2.03 million (176th)
5. “One Tree Hill,” 1.86 million (180th)

Top 5 in adults 18-49: “The Vampire Diaries” (1.3, t-137th); “America’s Next Top Model All-Stars” (1.1, t-148th); “One Tree Hill” (1.0, t-157th); “The Secret Circle” (0.9, t-163rd); “Supernatural” (0.9, t-163rd)

Bottom 2: “The L.A. Complex” (572,000, 195th and last on the five English-language nets) and “Remodeled” (711,000, 194th)

Posted by:Rick Porter