ryan seacrest larry king getty 'American Idol' Top 10 guest mentor: Larry King?The guest mentor for the “American Idol” Top 10’s Billy Joel week is being kept under wraps (for now, at least), but Heejun Han gave us a little scoop when we visited the set on rehearsal day.

Wondering who’s following in Mary J. Blige and Will.i.am‘s footsteps as Season 11 mentors? Zap2it‘s super secret sources (ahem…Heejun) tell us that person is none other than Larry King! Yes, the bespectacled, suspenders-wearing former CNN reporter. No, we do not believe this is actually true.

We were grilling Phillip Phillips on his mysterious tweet from the other day about his “weird” mentoring session when Han worried that his roomie and BFF was spilling a little too much info.

“You’re not supposed to say who it is,” Han warns.

Phillips assures him that his lips are sealed about the mentor’s identity. “I’m not saying anything! Not like you do,” he teases.

Han relents. “I’ll just tell you: It’s Larry King.”

Zap2it can exclusively reveal that no, the mentor is not Larry King. At least we don’t think so. But we can confirm that Phillips did have a weird mentoring session. “It was just weird,” he tells us. “You’ll see. It was strange.”

How mysterious!

Posted by:Jean Bentley