american idol top 10 season 12 'American Idol' Top 10 Season 12 finalists revealedIt’s time to whittle down the Top 20 men and women to the Top 10 finalists on “American Idol.” If we had our say, it would be Angela Miller, Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb, Janelle Arthur, Elijah Liu, Curtis Finch Jr., Nick Boddington, Devin Velez and Burnell Taylor.

If we didn’t have to have even gender picks, we would substitute in Aubrey Cleland and Breanna Steer for Elijah and Devin.

After a lot of filler and a commercial and a video recap of last night, we finally get to some results. The first person into the Top 10 is Paul Jolley. Huh. Did not expect that. Oh, this is why the show is 90 minutes — each person is performing. Oh, dear. Let’s just say his “Alone” is … he’s no Carrie Underwood.

The next guy to advance is Burnell Taylor, which is correct. Well done, American public. His “Ready for Love” is nice, but he sounds like he’s really holding back. Hope he’s not sick or something.

Whoa. We just got the full-on shot of Mariah’s breasts. Goodness, lady. This is how you have nip slips, Mimi.

The third guy to make the Top 10 is Curtis Finch Jr. Good for him. He’s such a smiley, happy guy. The fourth one is Devin Velez, which we’re glad to see. We weren’t sure he would, honestly, and he has got to make himself more current than last night, but he has such a pretty voice. And then, his performance right here on the spot is much, much stronger than last night. Good for you, Dev.

The final spot goes to Lazaro Arbos. We really feel like his backstory is getting him through, you guys. He wasn’t better than Elijah Liu or Nick Boddington, but he’s just such a lovable guy. Good for him, though, we hope he performs well.

And then no sooner have we typed that then he does a really nice job on “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” so that’s good to see. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good.

We’re sad to see Nick and Elijah leaving, the other three not so much. They seem like nice young men and stuff, but the singing talent just wasn’t there.

Moving on to the women. The first girl to make it is Janelle Arthur. She sings “Home” and it’s one of the best performances she’s ever done. Do that every week, please and thank you.

The second spot goes to Candice Glover, no big surprise there. Her “I’m Goin’ Down” is fabulous, as usual. We love how happy Curtis is for her — in our heads, they are BFFs who go on happy, smiley adventures.

The third spot is for Angie Miller, of course. She is definitely one of the favorites so far. The fourth spot goes to Amber Holcomb and we are suddenly very nervous for our favorite girl, Kree Harrison (though very happy for Amber, she’s terrific).

The final Top 10 spot goes to Kree Harrison (yay!). America got it 100% right on the girls, well done.

Will there be a wild card handed out? If we had one to give, it’d be for Aubrey Cleland.

But wait — Seacrest announces next week there is a sing-off between the first runner-up guy and first runner-up girl for a spot on the “Idol” tour this summer. Who do you suppose it will be?

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