billy joel piano gi 'American Idol' Top 10 talk Billy Joel weekThis might make you feel really old, but a lot of “American Idol’s” Top 10 finalists didn’t really know who Billy Joel was before they were tasked with choosing a song from his catalog for this week’s performance show.

Don’t worry, Colton Dixon was a little surprised too. “I even
heard some contestants say ‘Who is Billy Joel?’ And I’m like, ‘For
real? Come on!’ I’m sure that’ll be me at some point down the road
hopefully, but it blew my mind that they didn’t know who Billy Joel was.
It’s crazy. Nonsense,” he laments.

Phillip Phillips had heard of Billy Joel (thankfully), but he found it extremely difficult to choose a song to perform. “I’d listened to some of his songs, but I didn’t really know him. He’s
an amazing musician, and it’s very strange music for me. Not in a bad
way, in a good way. I finally came out with something great. He has very good progression with chords and stuff, and it was very different.”

The finished product, Phillips assures us, will be his own spin on a Joel classic.

For Hollie Cavanagh, song choice was also difficult since she wasn’t too familiar with Joel’s music. “I mean, I kenw of him, but I wasn’t like ‘Oh I know this song,
Ooh, I can kill that song.’ I was like ‘Ohhh, crap.’ I was back and
forth on a few songs, but I think I picked a really good one so I’m so

Jessica Sanchez isn’t so sure about her song. “My song isn’t the best song, I’m just warning you right now. Billy Joel
is really challenging — it’s more challenging than it was last week
because I was not familiar with Billy Joel at all. Picking a song and
leadning a song was difficult. I’d never heard the songs.”

Sanchez was born in 1995, if that makes you feel any better about the whole thing.

Elise Testone associates Billy Joel with fond childhood memories, so she enjoyed this week’s theme.

“My dad fixes, collects, sells jukeboxes, and he would always play Billy Joel records all the time. I was in the basement roller skating or being creative while he would blast Billy Joel, so I’m just having mad flashbacks of growing up. I know most of the songs already — they hit home. The one I picked, I just feel like I’m really telling the story and I feel every word, and I’m really into it.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley