idol-top-12-S11.jpgUPDATE: TMZ is now reporting that the contestant to be removed is Jermaine Jones. We’ll keep you posted on any new information.

This is a rather shocking development coming out of TMZ regarding “American Idol” Season 11. The site is reporting that a member of the Top 12 is going to be removed from the show for concealing crimes from the producers.

Reportedly, this unnamed contestant was charged with two crimes in 2011, one violent, and in both cases this person gave a false name to the cops when he or she was arrested. This person also reportedly has outstanding warrants issued for him or her.

TMZ says this person was confronted on camera with the information and that this footage will air during Wednesday’s (March 14) live show.

Crazy. So, who do you think it is? Our money’s on Shannon Magrane. She seems like the criminal element.*

Zap2it has reached out to FOX for comment, but they have not responded as of yet.

*No, we do no suspect Shannon. We are making a joke. Don’t email us.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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