will i am gi 'American Idol' Top 12 loved working with mentor Will.i.amObviously the “American Idol” contestants are going to appreciate all the advice they get from a guest mentor on any given week, but the Top 12 finalists seemed especially psyched after working with Will.i.am during the birth year theme week.

The guy let them pick his new single
, for goodness sake!

Hollie Cavanagh
tells Zap2it that she really expected the Black Eyed Peas member to have much more of an attitude than he did. “When you meet the really huge people in the music industry, you think they’re going to be, I don’t know, judgmental or something,” she says. “But he was so relaxed and chilled. He was just like us. He was really cool, and I felt really really comfortable.”

Hollie’s sentiment was echoed by fellow contestant Erika Van Pelt. “Will.he.is awesome, is what he is! No, he’s great. He was really chill with us in our mentoring sessions. I mean, he’s a big-time producer, songwriter, he performs, obviously, he sort of covers all the bases. Yeah, he was really great.

Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone got in on the Will.i.am love-fest too. “He’s amazing. He’s so humble and he just gives the greatest advice. I loved working with him. I want to work with him in the future,” Ledet says.

“Will.i.am is the bomb. He’s very, very genuine,” says Testone. “He had good feedback. He really liked my voice, so that made me like him even more! [Laughs]”

Skylar Laine appreciates his attention to detail. “He knows who you are after the first time you sing. You put it out on the line and he’s like ‘Okay, I know who you are.’ If somebody tries to pull out a different song he might be like ‘Okay, that’s not working for her.’ He really gets you after he hears you sing.”

Colton Dixon
notes Will’s knowledge of genres outside of his own. “Every week it blows my mind who they bring in. Just to be working with someone like that so closely and have them give you feedback is amazing. I love that Will recognizes other genres and helps you out with it. Immediately after I sang my song with the band he said ‘It needs to be harder. He’s the rock guy. He needs to have it pumping.’ And it was cool to see him recognize that.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley