american idol top 12 men 'American Idol' Top 12 men: Who's safe, who's notWhich “American Idol” men should feel comfortable Wednesday night (Feb. 24) and which ones should be worried?

As you can see if you compare the Top 12 women prediction to how they actually performed last night, we did okay on the 100% Safe part, but we kinda flubbed the In Danger part. Let’s see how we do with the guys.

100% Safe

Andrew Garcia: Garcia is not only a critics’ favorite but he is a fan favorite so far as well. Barring Andrew’s sacrifice of a puppy live onstage, we think can say he’s safely advancing.

Michael Lynche:
Lynche is a likable teddy bear with a newborn daughter. Plus, he’s got actual R&B singing chops. He should be fine.

Casey James: The country market is cornered here, plus Kara will pimp him no matter what he does in the hopes he’ll disrobe again.

Tyler Grady:
Female voters are going to go gaga over this shaggy-haired cutie. We aren’t totally sold on him yet, but we think he’ll be safe.


Lee Dewyze, Aaron Kelly, Alex Lambert, John Park, Jermaine Sellers and Tim Urban. None of these guys have made themselves stand out yet, but all have shown flashes of talent and personality. If they don’t royally screw up Wednesday night, they should be fine. It’s the next two weeks these guys will have to step it up. 

Probably going home

Joe Munoz: We were wrong about hitherto unseen Paige Miles, but we think Joe falls in the same boat — he’s been virtually invisible thus far and will have a hard time sticking around.

Todrick Hall: Hall’s had a bit of bad publicity lately because of his alleged scamming of parents over a “Wizard of Oz” musical. With Lynch, Park and Sellers sufficiently covering the R&B corner, we don’t think Hall is long for the “Idol” world.

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