american idol top 12 'American Idol' Top 12: We got to pick's new single!If you’re following any of the “American Idol” finalists on Twitter, you know that the group of 12 attended a private party hosted by over the weekend — a pretty cool job perk, if you ask us.

Zap2it spoke with the contestants ahead of the Top 12 performance show, and they revealed that not only did they get to hear the artist’s new album, they also helped him choose which song to release as his new single.

Erika Van Pelt explains: “He played us some new tunes and we sort of helped him pick what he’s gonna release next. That was awesome.”

It’s not as crazy an idea as you’d think, considering the group is so diverse. “We’re a good motley crew of what his demographic is — a mixed, mish-mosh of peeps,” Van Pelt says.

Joshua Ledet
says he had a blast at the party. “It was amazing. So much fun. I’ve never, never expected that in my
wildest dreams, to go to a celebrity’s private party? That’s ridiculous.
We had so much fun there. And we got to pick his new single!”

Ledet says that solicited their input because the contestants all got along so well with him. “He was mentoring us and we had so much fun,” he says. “Because
he’s so great to us, he wanted us to help him with his song, so we got
to choose.”

But not everyone had a great time. Heejun Han says that he only went to the party because he thought Will’s fellow Black Eyed Peas member Fergie would be there.

“I went to a party because I though there was going to be Fergie, but there wasn’t Fergie so it wasn’t that fun for me,” he jokes (we think). “But I still went. Whatever. Yeah, it was okay.”

Han says that he didn’t give Will a signed photo like he did Mary J. Blige last week — instead he got an autograph from Will. He’s not entirely grateful for the gesture, though. “I wanted Fergie’s number on the bottom, but he didn’t give it to me.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley