american idol top 13 results 'American Idol' Top 13 results: Ashthon Jones, Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina   who went home?The “American Idol” Top 13 sang their little hearts out Wednesday (March 9) – which one’s “Idol” journey ends now?

Before we can get to the results, we find out that Casey Abrams is back in the hospital. He previously had a bout in the hospital right before the semi-finals. Get well soon, Casey. We hope it’s nothing serious.

The group sing tonight is a Michael Jackson medley and while there are some very nice-sounding moments, the obviousness of the lip syncing is terrible. C’mon, guys. Paul looks drunk and like he’s not totally sure where he is. Jacob and James have some hereto unseen dance moves, that’s fun. The grooving with the judges is also fun. Haley stole Steven Tyler’s feathers. And it ends with hands in the air in true show choir fashion, which is probably my most favorite part of these results nights.

The Ford Music Video is set to “The World” by The Starting Line and it’s – ya know, typical “idol” ford Commercial fare. Casey is absent, so he went to the hospital before they filmed that, apparently.

The Idols got to attend the red carpet for “Red Riding Hood,” the new Amanda Seyfried romance/horror movie. They get to meet Gary Oldman! Sirius Black (among others)! Jealous, so jealous. Nikki Reed from the “Twilight” movies likes Paul McDonald and he doesn’t know who she is, which is kind of hilarious.

It’s time for some results, so Jacob, Karen and Stefano are brought down. If one of them is Bottom 3, it’s gotta be Karen. And then yes, she is in danger. But I don’t think she’s done for good.

Adam Lambert performs a new slower version of “Aftermath,” which is pretty great. But the real greatness is afterwards when J.Lo says she’ll teach him how to Dougie. I would pay good money to watch J.Lo teach Glambert how to Dougie.

The next group of results is Lauren, Ashthon and Haley. Interesting. I thought it would be Ashthon and Haley in the Bottom 3, but I guess not. Out of this group, I’d predict it’s Ashthon. After Ryan really messes with Lauren’s head, he then reveals that … it is Haley and Ashthon both. Huh.

It’s surprising Thia survived, but not overly shocking. Glad Jacob, Stefano and Lauren were brought down because they had weaker performances this week than I think they could have done, so maybe it’ll scare them a little, light a fire under them.

The Diddy Dirty Money performing of “Coming Home” is more tolerable than whatever they performed last year. And their pianist/vocalist might be Noomi Rapace, so that’s cool.

We get down to the elimination with the Bottom 3 of Haley, Karen and Ashthon. Ryan makes Karen safe first. Then he says that Ashthon is the one who “may” be headed home. Like the judges are going to use the save on her. And I guess this answers the question as to whether there is a judges’ save this year.

Ashthon decides to do the song that landed her as the lowest vote-getter, so that seems smart. And somewhere at home, Julie Zorrilla is throwing a shoe at the TV.

Despite rocking her best Nadia Turner look, her vocal isn’t any stronger than last night and there’s no way the judges are going to keep her. They’re saving that save for when Pia or Scotty have a bad week.

J.Lo is crying, but I think it’s just because Ashthon is having such a hard time. She sighs and tells Ashthon they aren’t saving her and A cries harder. Poor girl. We get to hear David Cook’s “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” over Ashthon’s video package and that’s fun. The Idols huddle on stage and hug Ashthon. And we’re out.

Questions for Ashthon? We interview her in the morning, so leave ’em in the comments.

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