top 13 results 'American Idol' Top 13 results: Jeremy Rosado, Elise Testone, Shannon Magrane, Jermaine Jones   who went home?Ryan Seacrest welcomes us to the “American Idol” Top 13 results show. He says that the judges picking who goes home is for one night only. Why are they doing that? Wouldn’t it be better if the American public determined bottom 2 and the judges had the final say every week? So that we don’t have a situation like with Pia Toscano last year?

Anyway, the the lowest vote-getter guy and girl end up being Jeremy Rosado and Elise Testone, with the judges choosing to keep Elise and send Jeremy home. That’s really about right. Elise wasn’t that great in Top 13 either (and neither was Shannon) but we think they’ve been stronger overall than Jeremy. Jeremy takes it like a champ and it’s actually a little awkward without a sing-out. Everybody’s just kind of standing around. Questions for Jeremy? Leave ’em in the comments!

But let’s see how we got there …

What is up with Seacrest’s pompadour tonight? Yikes. Speaking of yikes, the group sing is predictably, hilariously terrible. Elise’s voice sounds like she needs to lay off the smokes and whiskey – hope she’s not getting sick.

The Ford Music Video must have been inspired by the fact that most of the contestants look like giants on stage next to Seacrest this season, even moreso than usual. Then there’s a totally pointless about how hard the songbooks were this week.

Anyway, the first group of women is Elise, Hollie and Jessica, so clearly Elise is in the bottom 3, since Hollie and Jessica were probably the best of the night last night. The first group of guys is Heejun, Jermaine and Colton, which – hmm. I think Colton will be bottom 3, actually. But I’m wrong, it’s Jermaine. I still don’t think he’s in any trouble, though.

Lauren Alaina is there, looking adorable and svelte. Her song is a little hard to understand at times – enunciate, sweetie. But we dig her performance, good for you lady.

Now we have Erika, Shannon and Skylar center stage. Since two of them have to be in the bottom 3 women, I’m betting only Skylar is safe, though Erika did awesome and I’m confident finished 4th in female voting behind Jessica, Hollie and Skylar. And then yep, that’s what happens. So it’s Elise, Shannon and Erika in the bottom 3. I predict Elise is the bottom-most woman.

And finally Phil Phillips, Joshua Ledet, Jeremy Rosado and DeAndre Brackensick are brought down. Jeremy and DeAndre have to be the ones in the bottom – abut then I am wrong again. It’s Joshua and Jeremy. Huh. But then Seacrest immediately sends Erika and Joshua back to safety, yay! It is really Jeremy’s time to go.

Mary J. performs before we get the final result and she’s predictably awesome. Then before we get the bottom 2, Seacrest asks Steven Tyler if anyone deserves to go home and he actually responds, “Jeremy.” Which – yes, but ha! Oh my god, I can’t believe he did that.

The bottom 2 are then revealed to be Jeremy and Elise, and the judges send Jeremy packing.

So what did you think, “Idol” fans? Did the right person go home?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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