Angie Miller had a lot going on during the “American Idol” Top 3 performances. Not only did she travel back home to Massachusetts, but she also had to deal with songs picked by someone else and comparisons to Miley Cyrus. What does Angie think about all this? Find out in this interview.

How do you think everyone did tonight?

Angie Miller: Honestly I would hate to be America. I feel like we all have already won. I am so proud of Candice and Kree, and I’m proud of myself that we’ve made it this far and we’ve done so good this far in the completion. And I don’t know. We all want to make it to the finale

Was it scary not being able to pick your own songs for the Top 3?

Angie Miller: I was freaked out when weren’t able to choose any of them and then I really liked my song choices. Which was really good because I thought I was going to hate them all.

Were you familiar with the songs?

Angie Miller: I didn’t know any of them! I knew “Try” a little bit just from hearing it on the radio, but Elton John I had no idea and the Emeli Sande I didn’t hear before.

How emotional was your trip home?

Angie Miller: It is just so overwhelming. Not in an “Oh my gosh this is so scary” overwhelming but overwhelming in like a “Wow, I can’t believe this is actually really happening right now!” It was so emotional and I don’t know. It was amazing

What was the highlight of the hometown visit for you?

Angie Miller: Probably the concert and playing on stage with my brother and his band again. I love playing with them and that was just like the best feeling ever, playing with them again. And the amount of people there, I feel like the concert was probably my favorite part.

Was that the biggest crowd you have ever played to?

Angie Miller: Oh yeah! I mean yeah. I know there are millions of people watching “American Idol” but it’s not the same as being there.

Did you play any songs with your brother for the concert?

Angie Miller: All of them. He plays drums and acoustics so he kind of just switched off.

Has he ever tried out for “American Idol”?

Angie Miller: No. But back when I made the Top 40, “American Idol” gave us these little flip cams and told us to film things. I was like, “John, would you ever try out for ‘American Idol’?” He was like “No.” But then I said, “But if you win, I will try out.” We shook on it … and now he’s probably like “Oh cr*p!”

What did you think of the Miley Cyrus comparison?

Angie Miller: I get that every day of my life! I’m not kidding. Every day. So many times. On Twitter. Everywhere. So I’m very used to that so when she said that I was, like, “Okay. I was expecting that at some point in the competition.”

Are you a Miley fan?

Angie Miller: I mean, I loved her … When it was on Disney, I was just all about “Hannah Montana.” That’s when it all started.

Did you have a blonde wig like Miley?

Angie Miller: I actually had one once as a joke. I wore it once. I think it was for Halloween or something

We need to see a picture of that!

Angie Miller: No you don’t. It was terrible. But yeah, I get that all the time. They say I even talk like her!

Posted by:Laurel Brown