The “American Idol” Top 3 performances turned out to be very emotional for Kree Harrison. Right after the video for her hometown visit brought the world to tears, Kree sang “Here Comes Goodbye.” There were even more tears after that.

We talked to Kree to find out how she felt about the night.

So how does it feel to make Keith Urban cry?

Kree Harrison: I was so relieved more than anything. I feel like for some of the ballads that I’ve sung have just been pretty and they didn’t feel them. So to see that reaction whether he’s crying or whatever did mean the world to me, that everybody got so emotional, as emotional as I felt

How was it to sing a song that emotional right after your package?

Kree Harrison: I was in there like [covers ears and closes eyes] “La la la la la!”

Was going home what you expected?

Kree Harrison: No! I mean, I thought my family and friends were going to show up and give me like a party. Are you kidding? There were thousands of people chanting, and it was more than anything humbling to think that now you have to go back and make these fans — that’s weird to say out loud — proud of you. Because this is not just something that’s yours. This is not a selfish thing this is something you have to give back.

How was it to go from joy to sorrow, going back to your hometown to great welcome and sad memories?

Kree Harrison: That’s life. I’ve experienced that that is just life. So I’m no stranger to it. The sweet was definitely after the bitter, because obviously they loved it and the crowd loved it. And that meant the world to me

What was it like going back to your old house? Is anyone else living there now?

Kree Harrison: No. It’s our house. My grandpa built that house, so that house is special for so many reasons — not just because it was the last place we were with our parents. It has a long history, it was actually a deer camp so people would come in and hunt. And my grandma would cook gumbo for them. Ray Price, the singer, was one of the guys who would come in and hunt. He’s a country music legend! We will rebuild that house one day, it’s hard though. It’s been a long time coming.

Posted by:Laurel Brown