casey james michael lynche  'American Idol' Top 4 on Crystal's crush on Lee, Mike and Casey's romance and moreWe caught up with the “American Idol” Top 4 backstage after they performed on Songs of the Silver Screen week.

Find out what they had to say about Crystal Bowersox’s “musical crush” on Lee Dewyze, Casey James’ cougar song “Mrs. Robinson” and Michael Lynche’s preferred staging for his romantic duet with Casey.

When asked to explain her “musical crush,” Crystal tells Zap2it, “My bass player from home is also anther musical crush that I have. It’s my adoration for a musician because I like the way they play or a certain soul or feeling that they have. Lee I met in Chicago … I told him then, ‘Wow, you’re really good.'” Lee turns to her and adorably says, “Thanks, Crystal!”

Lee was asked about the judges’ comments regarding the extensive song list, which wasn’t actually that extensive this week, and he very diplomatically says, “We pick our songs and when we do that, it’s very difficult sometimes for a lot of different reasons … so as far as how many songs, at the end of the day we pick our songs. We do what we can with them and that’s it.”

When pressed for why nobody chose “Ghostbusters,” Lee deadpans, “It would’ve been too serious for such a fun night.”

Speaking of song choice, Big Mike took some flack from Simon about the movie his song came from, “Free Willy.” Mike says to Simon, “Pay attention to what’s really the point! [laughs] It usually doesn’t bother me but … we work really hard on getting the song right and preparing and trying to go up there and be great. Just focus on what’s real, focus on what we’re here about. But I love that guy.”

And no song choice discussion would be complete without touching on Casey’s cougar song “Mrs. Robinson.” But Casey took the ribbing in stride, saying, “I picked the song because I love the song … I think everybody’s got something that’s talked about more often than not. It doesn’t bother me … I took my shirt off to get through to the Hollywood Round, so I can’t really complain if they’re going to bring something like that up. — Big Mike interjects, “Touche.” — It is what it is, I’m just happy to be here.”

When the duets were brought up, we learned that Crystal was the one who wanted to do “Falling Slowly” but that as soon as he heard it, Lee was down. As for Big Mike and Casey, it should come as no surprise that “Have You Ever Loved a Woman” was all Big Mike.

“Mike was so excited about that song that it wasn’t even a question,” laughs Casey. “If somebody’s that excited about something, I mean, I was just like, ‘Yes, we’re doing this one.’ I think it was a perfect choice.”

“It was good getting to know each other on that side,” Mike adds. “We were just chilling, working things out in his apartment, making out — “

“We had originally planned that Mike was gonna hold me in his arms for the song, but we couldn’t figure out a way to play the guitars,” Casey finishes.

These Season 9 Idols are a hilarious bunch. Look for more backstage goodies Wednesday, May 12 when we find out what the current batch of Idols think of Zap2it’s Harry Connick Jr. as “Idol” judge idea.

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